A Lifestyle that Supports Long-Term Recovery

At Lucida, we address the issues standing between you and the life you deserve, including substance abuse, mental health disorders and problematic eating patterns associated with these conditions. Treatment in all of our programs can be complemented by an integrative mind-body and nutrition and healthy lifestyle program created by physician, nutrition expert and New York Times best-selling author Pamela Peeke, MD, MPH, FACP. The program includes:

  • Recovery coaching during your stay
  • Cooking classes with our chef
  • Nutritious, delicious, satisfying meals designed by a nationally renowned team of culinary nutritionists in partnership with our chef and Dr. Peeke
  • Fitness opportunities that include yoga and gym memberships

Based on Dr. Peeke’s trademark mind-mouth-muscle template, our nutrition and healthy lifestyle program addresses addictive-like eating behaviors (e.g., sugar addiction) using a science-based approach. This program also deals with some of the common challenges of early recovery, such as cross addiction with sugary/fatty/salty foods resulting in weight gain, and helps clients develop healthy, sustainable lifestyle habits that support lifelong recovery.


During your stay at Lucida, you will meet both individually and in groups with an experienced master’s level therapist who customizes a treatment plan for you. As part of your treatment plan, we address problematic eating patterns, evaluating the role that addiction, past traumas or other issues may play.

Our nutrition and healthy lifestyle program, which was designed by Dr. Peeke specifically for clients at Lucida, teaches you about the brand new science surrounding food, addiction and bingeing. It also includes recovery coaching, both during your stay and as part of your comprehensive aftercare program.


We are often asked, “What will the food be like in treatment?” At Lucida, the food is as delicious as it is nutritious. Our chef is specially trained to prepare meals that will be tasty and satisfying, as you transition from a diet of refined and processed sugary, fatty and salty foods, to one of delicious and rewarding whole foods.

Drawing on recipes from her New York Times best-selling book The Hunger Fix: The Three Stage Detox and Recovery Plan for Overeating and Food Addiction, Dr. Peeke and her team of culinary nutritionists and chef create recipes and food plans that combat cravings, and compete with refined sugar and processed fat to reclaim your brain’s reward center. Our culinary nutritionists (a rare breed of registered dietitians who are also chefs) optimize nutrients and apply their knowledge of food science without skimping on presentation or flavor.

We’ll help you reprogram your taste buds and reclaim the reward center in your brain from the effects of refined and processed foods. We’ll also help you learn how to sustain these changes long term through cooking classes with our master chef that allow you to recreate our menus at home.


We create opportunities to stay fit during treatment, bringing both mind and body into the healing process. Physical activity is part of daily life at Lucida, from our yoga classes to workouts at the gym. Our holistic approach to healthy lifestyle change helps reduce the risk of cross addiction (e.g., switching from addictive drugs to addictive foods) and relapse, giving you a strong foundation for lasting recovery from all addictive behaviors.