At Lucida mental health and drug rehab, we tailor treatment to fit your needs. While each client’s treatment plan is unique, below is an example of what a typical day might look like so you can get an idea of how your time will be spent here. Read on to learn more about the Lucida Treatment Center schedule.

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Lucida Treatment Center Daily Schedule


After breakfast you will begin your day by meeting with your medical or clinical team or having personal time before daily reflection group. After a short break, you’ll attend a variety of psychoeducation and process groups, where you’ll explore issues surrounding addiction and mental health disorders like shame and trauma.


After lunch, we offer a variety of group sessions. Some of these include: a health education group, DBT skills, trauma-based groups, psycho-educational groups, experiential groups, training in mindfulness and grounding techniques, or yoga.


Following dinner, you’ll participate in on-campus or offsite support groups like AA/NA/CoDA or other 12-step meetings or 12-step alternatives such as SMART Recovery groups. You can also take a refreshing swim in our onsite pool, with separate pool hours for men and women.

On the weekends, you’ll participate in psycho-education and process groups, as well as spend time at our pool and fitness center. We also have fun, engaging activities like game night or movie night. You’ll have personal time in the evening before bedtime.

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