Meet the Faces Behind the Treatment at Lucida

Deciding to get help for yourself, a loved one, or your client is the most challenging, yet rewarding, thing one could ever do. Trusting a provider to take care of your loved one is scary, confusing and challenging. We understand the pain that addiction and mental health disorders can have on the individual themselves, and the community around them.

Our compassionate treatment team at Lucida promises to meet you where you are. We are here to offer hope and our hope is that you reach out to talk through what the treatment experience at Lucida looks like. We are here to help provide a safe, comfortable place to start your healing journey.

Our approach has to be very individualized in order to work with each individual situation. I think our culture really is looking at the person, not labeling ‘substance’ not labeling ‘suicidal,’ it’s just your mental health and what’s going on with you. That way, we can breakthrough on a different level. That’s our culture — who are you? And how can we help.
– Lucida Leadership

Dr. Laurie Deckard

Regional Clinical Director

Levi Kahane, MD

Medical Director

Heidi Dixon, MS

Human Resources Manager

Danielle Craig

Manager of Utilization Review and Compliance

Beth Miskiewicz

Case Manager

Ana Calderon

Behavioral Health Technician

Ann Adzemovic

Director of Admissions

Susan Shirley, M.S.

Clinical Director of Lucida

Joseph Emile

Behavioral Health Technician

Marsha Strachan

Food Service

Masud Ahmad

Nurse Practitioner

Melina Gennaro

Primary Therapist

Sandra Lynch

Primary Therapist

Sean Reichman

Senior Lead Behavioral Health Technician

Therese Ngoy

House Keeper

Becky Booth

Alumni Advisor