It is difficult to fully understand what a person with mental illness or addictions is experiencing unless you have walked in their shoes. The dedicated team at Lucida is committed to understanding and has a proven track record of helping clients recover. We know how challenging it is for parents, spouses and other loved ones to cope with mental illness and addictive behaviors in the people they love.

Therapist explains the Lucida Treatment Center resourcesSeeking behavioral health treatment is the first step to recovery, but navigating the treatment path can be daunting. We believe that being well-informed about mental illness and addiction is empowering for clients, family members, friends and caregivers. Although you cannot literally walk in the shoes of someone suffering from mental health issues, educating yourself about specific conditions and behaviors provides a deeper understanding.

We have created a regularly updated library of helpful information organized by several categories including drug rehab resources, addiction resources and mental health resources. Click on any of the below links to read insightful articles on topics such as PTSD, eating disorders, avoidant personality disorder, social anxiety disorder, depression, bipolar disorder, and more. Our addiction articles explore the steps involved in recovering from alcohol or drug addiction and the truth about oxycodone, a powerful and highly addictive prescription painkiller.

The ultimate goal of our resource center is to help you better comprehend and manage whatever challenges you and your loved ones may be experiencing. Contact us today for more information about any of our treatment programs.