“My Life Changed the Moment I Set Foot on the Lucida Campus”
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“I am extremely grateful for the support and respect that was given to me during my stay at Lucida. I was grateful to just be myself and for the staff that encouraged me. In many ways I was brought back to the smiling woman I hadn’t seen in a while. Because of the atmosphere here I felt as though I was on a sort of spiritual retreat not “away in a rehab” and that fact alone made my journey that much more enjoyable. Thank you to all!”

“I was so fortunate to luckily find my way to Lucida. My conversation with Beth immediately made my choice of rehabs easy. The entire medical staff exceeded my expectations. The group of talented, wonderful people I was able to become life long friends with as fellow patients has changed my life. Thanks everyone so much!”

“It has been a life changing experience. I have all of the tools I need to succeed in my new approach to life and life without alcohol.”

“this place probably saved my life and the staff were very competent and caring”

“The entire experience was a gift and the staff went above and beyond to make my stay here very beneficial to my recovery.”

“Somantic was amazing and helped me beyond words and so did EMDR. I will never forget my experience. I have being given the gift of awareness, knowing that I still need to work hard at my goals that I have set for myself while at Lucida. “

“Great! Wonderful treatment center!! Melissa and Robin are awesome and saved me!!”

“This center is very comfortable, the treatment plans are very individualized, the therapists are professional and highly skilled, there are amenities, its warm, and there’s a lot of different types of therapy offered. “

“I think the clinicians do a wonderful job working to create a plan that is individualized for each patient. Staff is very caring and respectful to your needs. “

“The staff. Truly. Are incredible, caring and passionate and understanding and nothing can be more important than that.”

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