There are many options for drug rehab these days. This can make it incredibly difficult to make your decision. One thing clients always ask us is, “Why choose Lucida Treatment Center?” We think that our trained experts and beautiful facility can help you understand the benefits of our treatment center.

Why Choose Lucida Treatment Center

Lucida combines comfort with evidence-based treatment for addiction and mental health issues. We are accredited by The Joint Commission and our programs are carefully tailored to meet your unique needs. Highlights of our programs include:

Dually Licensed to Treat Addiction and Mental Health

Woman asking why choose Lucida Treatment CenterLucida Treatment Center is licensed as a mental health treatment program through the Florida Agency for Healthcare Administration. We are also licensed by the Florida Department of Children and Families as a substance abuse treatment facility. These licenses afford clients the opportunity to access services for mental illness and substance abuse, either individually or as co-occurring disorders.

Innovative, Evidence-Based Treatment

Your individualized treatment program is designed with your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs in mind. We rely on evidence-based therapies that have been proven clinically effective over time, and also introduce you to alternative approaches that are on the leading edge of addiction and mental health treatment.

Truly Evidence-Based Medicine

Our approach to psychiatric disorders and drug and alcohol addiction treatment is science-based. This means that our treatment recommendations are based on well-validated findings from reputable scientific journals to give our clients the best chance at getting healthy and staying well.

A Different Approach

We honor the power of choice in recovery. Lucida is a non 12-Step addiction treatment program that offers 12-Step alternatives like SMART Recovery®. Recognizing that individuals are ready for treatment at many different stages, we meet them wherever they are and help them develop the motivation and tools to achieve lasting recovery.

A Setting That Inspires Change

Lucida allows you to heal in the utmost comfort. Our clients live in secure gated townhomes that feature fine furnishings throughout.

Ongoing Follow-Up Care with Experts in the Field

At Lucida, you have access to a team of professionals, each with the skills, diversity and experience needed to guide you through the healing process. You will work with psychiatrists, licensed therapists and case management.