Addiction Recovery Mindfulness

Understanding Mindfulness in Addiction Recovery Programs

Addiction recovery programs offer a wide variety of healing methods, from cognitive behavioral therapy to illness management and recovery to 12-step based practices. Mindfulness is a method that works in tandem with these evidence-based therapeutic methods to help clients work through the cycles of addiction and create thoughtful ways to manage potential relapse. In fact,…

Do addiction recovery programs work

Do Addiction Recovery Programs Work?

Recovery is possible. Addiction recovery programs work. The recovery process can be a long one with many ups and downs, but it is absolutely possible for anyone seeking help. If you or your loved one are feeling apprehensive about the process or have been quick to assume that treatment or recovery does not work, there…

woman thinking about the connection between depression and drug abuse

Depression and Drug Abuse: How They Are Linked

There is a connection between depression and drug abuse that cannot be ignored. Research shows 43 percent of people who have a substance use disorder also have been diagnosed with mental health disorders such as anxiety and depression, or have symptoms of them, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse. Recognizing this risk, it…