Two men talk about how Tough Economic Times May Lead to Worsening Mental Health Problems in Hispanic Men

Tough Economic Times May Lead to Worsening Mental Health Problems in Hispanic Men

It’s no secret that the U.S. has been through some tough economic times, dating back to 2009. How does this tie in with worsening mental health problems among certain populations? A new comparative analysis of two National Health Surveys may provide some insight. It states that tough economic times may lead to worsening mental health…

A woman pulls her friend towards the 5 healthy lifestyle habits to support lifelong recovery

5 Healthy Lifestyle Habits to Support Lifelong Recovery

Overcoming alcoholism, illicit or prescription drug abuse, overeating, workaholism, and other process addictions are tough in many respects. Not only is going through detox to clear out toxic substances difficult to go through, but there’s also the issue of learning about addiction, coping measures, getting involved with 12-step self-help groups or alternatives, and beginning the…

A mother and daughter talk about 10 signs you need mental health treatment

10 Signs You Need Mental Health Treatment

As human beings, we’re all unique in so many wonderful (and sometimes not so wonderful) ways.  Each of us has particular idiosyncrasies and foibles that make us endearing to some and annoying to others.  But if something is “unique”, does that also mean it’s “abnormal”?  After all, “normal” is one of the most subjective words…

A mother hugs her daughter as they talk about the importance of family in therapy

The Importance of Family in Addiction Recovery

Whether we have a loved one or family member in recovery from addiction or are the immediate or extended members of the family, the days, weeks and months following our loved ones return home from drug rehab are critically important. This is the time when they need nurturance, love, and support more than ever. How…

A woman stares out the window and thinks about avoidant personality disorder

Avoidant Personality Disorder

Perhaps you’ve encountered individuals who seem to really struggle in social situations.  They lack confidence in themselves, feel inadequate in social situations, and rarely risk getting close to anyone unless they’re certain of being liked.  They avoid social situations and any type of interaction that they believe will be uncomfortable or risky. You may have…

A man talks to a friend about things to consider when choosing a mental health professional

Things to Consider when Choosing a Mental Health Professional

It’s not uncommon to need mental health treatment at some point in life.  Perhaps you’ve experienced a trauma, been feeling unusually sad or anxious, or are experiencing marital problems.  Maybe you’re battling an addiction that you can’t seem to kick or feel completely overwhelmed and stressed out.  Or maybe, your future feels so bleak that…