woman crying on bed due to depression heart disease

Depression and Heart Disease

Are depression and heart disease interlinked? When two conditions show up together time after time it grabs the attention of medical and scientific researchers. Such is the case with symptoms of depression and instances of heart disease or stroke, and previous studies have been inconclusive as to which condition was causal for the other. Depression…

woman scratching upper back due to depression linked zinc deficiencies

Is Depression Linked to Zinc Deficiencies?

Depression Linked Zinc Deficiencies Zinc is a dietary mineral that humans need to consume in order to function normally. A range of population groups across the U.S. have unusually high chances of developing zinc deficiencies. Researchers have assessed how depression is linked to zinc deficiencies. This research applies both the onset of depression and the…

man sitting on couch pondering low testosterone depression link

The Low Testosterone and Depression Link

The link between low testosterone and depression is one of the most interesting discoveries in men’s health. Testosterone is a steroid hormone that humans produce naturally. Men produce an average of 20 times more testosterone than women and use it more often as well. Testosterone is the most important hormone for male sexual development. It plays…

divorce and drinking problems distressing couple with bottles on the table

Divorce and Drinking Problems

Divorce and Drinking Problems Heavy drinking takes a toll on individuals and relationships. As drinking becomes prioritized over responsibilities, employment and financial difficulties arise. In addition, alcohol use disorders are associated with a higher risk of developing depression, and the individual may experience sadness, loneliness, and feelings of hopelessness. Problem drinkers may find that their…

man having alcohol discussions with doctors

Alcohol Discussions With Doctors

Excessive alcohol consumption can cause alcohol abuse, alcohol addiction, heart disease and certain types of cancer. Having alcohol discussions with doctors can play a critical role in preventing these problems. However, according to the results of a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report released in January 2014, less than 20 percent of American adults…