A man stares at a bowl of tomatoes and wonders how is impulsive behavior linked to eating disorders

How Is Impulsive Behavior Linked to Eating Disorders?

Impulsive behavior (also known as impulsivity) is the general term for a group of behaviors that occur with little or no planning or personal reflection. Doctors and mental health professionals can measure the tendency toward participation in these behaviors in several ways. Current research indicates that impulsive tendencies can play a significant role in the…

A family throws their hands in the air after family focused treatment

Family-Focused Treatment and Early Detection For Bipolar Disorder

Like most issues that are caught before they become full-blown problems, bipolar disorder in teens can catch parents and family members off-guard. However, if they get family-focused treatment and early detection, those factors can reduce the impact that disorder has on them later in life. What is Bipolar Disorder? Bipolar disorder is characterized by abnormal…

A woman tries on a dress and wonders how does body image predetermine issues into adulthood

How Does Body Image Predetermine Issues Into Adulthood?

Have you have wondered, “How does body image predetermine issues into adulthood?” We have the answers. Learn more when you call Lucida Treatment today. Not all eating disorders, particularly bulimia and anorexia, are reserved for females – males can also present with these diseases. However, studies have shown that when it comes to body image…

Three women put their arms around each other and talk about helping a loved one with bipolar disorder

Helping a Loved One with Bipolar Disorder

Caring for a person with bipolar disorder makes life a balancing act. A caregiver needs to allow time for their loved ones’ breakdowns, irrational decisions and immobility and still allow time to care for themselves. It is difficult maintaining a healthy relationship when one partner has bipolar, yet that person wants a healthy relationship as…