Three women put their arms around each other and talk about helping a loved one with bipolar disorder

Helping a Loved One with Bipolar Disorder

Caring for a person with bipolar disorder makes life a balancing act. A caregiver needs to allow time for their loved ones’ breakdowns, irrational decisions and immobility and still allow time to care for themselves. It is difficult maintaining a healthy relationship when one partner has bipolar, yet that person wants a healthy relationship as…

benzo represent the danger of the benzo withdrawal timeline

Getting Past the Benzo Withdrawal Timeline

No one wants to be blindsided by what occurs during the benzo withdrawal timeline, they want to know what’s to come. This helps them prepare to commit to the recovery process. Besides, connecting to the right benzo addiction treatment center in Lantana, FL can help make the benzo withdrawal process more tolerable. Lucida Treatment Center is…

man struggles with anxiety and depression

Anxiety and Depression: How Addiction and Mental Health Are Linked

Depression and anxiety are two of the most common and most debilitating types of mental health disorders in the U.S. Many people do not get the professional help they need for these conditions, often leading them to seek out relief from substances like drugs and alcohol. The National Institute on Drug Abuse states that 43…

man suffers from mental illness as part of the mental illness statistics

Mental Illness Statistics: Embrace What’s Really Happening to You

Mental illness is not uncommon. In the U.S., there are tens of millions of people impacted by some form of mental illness each year. The National Institutes of Mental Health also states that only able half of those that have a mental illness ever reach out for treatment. Mental illness statistics like this can be…

woman struggles with psychological dependence to drugs

What Is Psychological Dependence?

Being addicted to drugs or alcohol isn’t a process that involves only the mind or the body. Instead, every behavioral has a complex combination of both physical and psychological elements. Many people can see the signs of physical dependence — needle marks, for example, or that that their loved one isn’t practicing good hygiene. The…