friends have a sober thanksgiving

Enjoying Your First Sober Thanksgiving

If you recently stopped drinking alcohol, or have recently completed an alcohol addiction treatment program or detox protocol, getting through your first Sober Thanksgiving with friends and/or family is an accomplishment to be proud of. However, before the celebration takes place, the party-like atmosphere needs to be experienced without a drop of alcohol. Here are…

man deals with physical effects of alcohol abuse

Alcohol Use Disorder: Understanding the Physical Effects of Alcohol on the Body

Did you know that engaging in a fitness therapy program can be beneficial for battling alcohol use disorder, or AUD? The most reputable alcohol treatment facilities in FL are ones that engage you on a holistic level. That’s to say; they treat your mind, your body, and your mental state in addition to treating the physical effects…

pills show differences between opioids and opiates

Difference Between Opioids and Opiates

Loading… Opioids have seen a considerable amount of press lately. Several major news outlets and publications have taken a deep dive into the world of prescription drugs and how these opioids have affected the lives of millions of Americans. The need has never been more clear for comprehensive and caring opioid addiction treatment centers across…

man learns how addictive is alcohol in therapy

How Addictive is Alcohol? New Research Provides Better Insight

How addictive is alcohol? For many, alcohol is highly habit-forming. Still, for others, it doesn’t seem to present the same attraction. Scientists are still struggling to learn why one person becomes addicted to alcohol while another doesn’t, but signs seem to point to the way alcohol reacts on the brain. Risk factors play a role…

drugs on table represent myths about drugs

How to Disregard Dangerous Myths About Drugs And Pursue Recovery

Like most topics worth discussing, there are some seriously misleading myths about drugs circulating on the internet. Unlike some topics, however, listening to misinformation regarding substance abuse can literally kill you. If you’re currently using a potentially harmful drug such as cocaine, contacting a reputable cocaine addiction treatment center could save your life. Get real…