alcohol and genetics

Alcoholism and Genetics: Is Addiction Hereditary?

To understand the genetics behind alcoholism, it helps to have a basic understanding of the difference between the terms that researchers use. People often use the terms genetic and hereditary interchangeably. However, this is technically incorrect. A genetic disease is always caused by an abnormality in a person’s genome, although some of these diseases are…

a woman with a wine bottle wondering about co occurring disorders

Are Women More Likely to Experience Co-Occurring Disorders?

Women who are seeking substance abuse treatment often have diverse and complex medical and social problems. Co-occurring disorders in women can cause severe psychological distress, high rates of trauma and interpersonal violence, medical problems, few vocational skills, low income, and severe addictions. Additionally, co-occurring psychiatric disorders are also associated with lower social functioning, decreased quality…

Woman Coping with Isolation During Coronavirus

Coping with Isolation During Coronavirus

It is not uncommon to have difficulty managing yourself emotionally, physically, and psychologically when hearing news about this crisis. Everyone across the globe has taken quick action regarding adapting mindsets, daily routines, work, and school. Not only is this pandemic a global health crisis, but it is also wreaking havoc on the economy. During uncertain…