a woman and common triggers of bipolar disorder

Avoiding Common Triggers for Bipolar Episodes

Bipolar disorder is characterized by extreme fluctuations of emotion. Bipolar disorder can cause you to feel tremendously upbeat to feeling completely paralyzed and incapable. These fluctuations are depressive episodes. Feelings of sadness and self-reproach make even simple tasks like conversing or grooming seem monumental. Additionally, working feels impossible when you suffer from bipolar disorder. Many…

a man on the street showing mental health drunk stigmas

Does Alcohol-Related Stigma Increase Risk for Mental Health Problems?

Psychologists and mental health experts use the term stigma to identify the negative associations that society places upon certain groups for their appearance, behaviors, or characteristics. People who are affected by alcohol abuse or alcoholism often experience this stigma either before or after they seek treatment. Researchers have examined the potential role of stigmas in the…

a man leaning back in a chair showing alcoholism effects on varying ages

Do Alcoholism’s Effects Vary With Age?

Alcoholism is a diagnosable form of alcohol use disorder. This condition includes both a physical dependence on alcohol and a pattern of drinking. Some people develop alcoholism-related symptoms at a relatively early age. However, others develop them in middle age or later in life. Alcoholism onset has a large effect on the mental, physical, and…