therapist and patient motivational interviewing and addiction

How Motivational Interviewing Is Used To Begin Substance Abuse Treatment

Motivational interviewing is a treatment modality developed in the early 1990’s. Two clinical psychologists, Miller and Rollnick, were major contributors. It was intentionally designed to help people succeed in substance abuse treatment. As a result, motivational interviewing and addiction go hand in hand.  Taking control of your addiction takes personal motivation. You may have begun…

woman on couch fighting relapse triggers

Understanding And Fighting Relapse Triggers

Fighting relapse triggers is part of a comprehensive treatment plan. This is true before and after your “treatment plan” is completed. Fighting relapse triggers begins the moment you or your loved one decides to cease drug use. After the classes and group treatment participation is over, you continue to fight relapse triggers throughout your sobriety. Lucida…

woman sitting in chair suffering from dangers of substance abuse

The Dangers Of Substance Abuse: A Refresher

Substance abuse has always been deadly. Understanding the dangers of substance abuse may prevent some experimentation. With the advent of the internet, there is no lack of information that is available. The Dangers Of Substance Abuse The dangers of substance abuse can be put into the categories of physiological and social/environmental. The physiological dangers of…