When addiction strikes, is the addiction sufferer the only one who pays the price? Obviously, the answer is no. The next logical question is, “who else eventually encounters some kind of profound adverse effects from such behavior?” That answer is a little more telling. In fact, family members can usually count themselves as victims of collateral damage in some way shape or form. It’s unfortunate and equally inevitable. When someone is dealing with an addiction, the people closest to them are in harm’s way. In the end, a family therapy program like the one at Lucida Treatment Center in Lantana, FL becomes a necessity when family relationships splinter.

How Family Dynamics Can Integrate With a Family Member’s Addiction

In most cases, we are a reflection of the family we come from. Our family is where we learn our values and what behaviors are acceptable. Family is also the place we should turn to when things aren’t going well. Someone only has to spend an hour and two in a family therapy program to understand that.

The problem is a breakdown in the family structure creates problems for the addiction sufferer. That’s especially true if the Family Therapy Programs addiction is the center of the problem. What hurts the addiction suffer the most is they start losing a very important support resource.

Think about this. If a family member is an enabler, their goal is appeasing the addiction sufferer. They’ll even go so far as to offer money to support family member’s habit. The enabler just wants to avoid conflict and confrontation. For the family member who gets upset and walks away, they have nothing to offer their sick loved one.

For sure, it’s possible the addiction sufferer stole money from them, involved them in criminal behavior or hurt the individual physically. Those are all good reasons to be angry at someone. What’s missing is an acknowledgment that the addiction sufferer’s illness is, in fact, an illness. It’s likely they can’t control their behavior and deserve a little extra tolerance.

What’s lacking in both of these scenarios? The answer is open, honest communication. Is that achievable with a family therapy program?

How a Family Therapy Program Makes a Difference

Let’s not kid ourselves about the importance of family during recovery. If someone is trying to heal from an addiction, they need all kinds of support resources. If they only have the support of key friends and family members, they still have a great chance for recovery.

“Some of the topics we approach in our family therapy programs include family dynamics, codependency/boundaries, relational patterns (both healthy and unhealthy), communication skills and patterns, healthy conflict resolution and what to expect when your loved one leaves treatment.”  

–  From our leadership at Lucida

As part of our family therapy program in Lantana Florida at Lucida Treatment Center, we focus on opening the lines of communication. All of the treatment techniques we make use of will address that aspect of treatment to some level. Here are some of the ways we use our therapeutic resources to mend family fences:

  • Help family members see how the family operates and who has influence over who
  • Discuss why and how communication has splintered
  • Identify ways to fix communication and rebuild trust between family members
  • Define family behaviors that are helpful and harmful
  • Find ways to improve how family members handle disputes with mutual respect

Lucida Treatment Center – Family Therapy Programs and More

As a reputable rehab center, we recognize the importance of providing a diverse menu of treatment services. From our addiction therapy program Lantana Florida option to detox, we have the tools to address the unique needs of each client. No matter what options we choose to integrate into a client’s program, the inclusion of a family therapy program is likely. Here are some of our other services:

You really can’t afford to let your addiction destroy your relationships with your family and friends. You deserve better than that. If things are going south, you need to get help for your addiction issues. At Lucida Treatment Center, we can help you resolve issues with your addiction and family members with our family therapy program in Lantana Florida. To do that, we need you here. Please call one of our professional staff members at the following number, 1.866.947.7299.