This man is engaging in surfing and swimming through a fitness therapy program.Fitness Therapy

Struggling with a mental health or substance abuse disorder can become exhausting. Because mental health and substance abuse disorders are chronic conditions, you have to manage your symptoms throughout your lifetime. Symptoms can make it hard to fully enjoy life. During addiction, it is also common to neglect your physical, emotional, and spiritual health, which is why a fitness therapy program may be a great fit.

At Lucida Treatment Center, we believe that fitness therapy is a central part of recovery. Optimum healing from substance abuse and mental health disorders occurs when there is a balance between body, mind, and spirit.

How do you achieve such a balance? Counseling, coping techniques, and self-harm support groups in Lantana, Florida are essential parts of the healing process, but they are not the only ones. At Lucida Treatment Center, we help our clients become stronger mentally and physically through participation in a daily fitness therapy program.


Addiction is an invasive, progressive, and chronic disease that impacts your judgment and behaviors. Drugs and alcohol change your brain chemistry and cause your brain to release a rush of pleasurable neurotransmitters anytime you use. Over time, your brain can become solely dependent on your substance of choice in order to release neurotransmitters. Your brain restricts the release of neurotransmitters when you don’t use, which can cause mood changes, cravings, and withdrawal symptoms.

Drugs and alcohol likewise impact your ability to make good decisions. Because your brain associates drugs and alcohol with pleasure, it rewards drug use. This can lead to you making risky or dangerous decisions in order to use or acquire drugs or alcohol. When this happens, you’ll need to seek the immediate help of a substance abuse treatment programs.

Common signs and symptoms of addiction include:

  • Inability to control or stop your drug or alcohol use
  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms when you stop using
  • Experiencing negative consequences as a result of your drug or alcohol use
  • Spending the majority of your time or money using or acquiring drugs or alcohol
  • Feeling guilt, shame, or remorse about your drug or alcohol use
  • Having friends or family members confront you about your drug or alcohol use

It is also common for drug and alcohol abuse to cause physical or mental health problems, such as:

  • Compromised immune system
  • Liver or organ damage
  • Cognitive or neurological damage
  • Memory loss and concentration problems
  • Nutritional deficiencies

How Exercise Promotes Addiction Recovery

Exercise has been shown in numerous studies to help heal the body and the brain and to reduce symptoms of depression in conjunction with the help of a depression treatment center in Lantana, Florida. It can also help address some of the common complaints of early recovery by improving sleep quality, boosting energy, and promoting mental clarity.

The goal of fitness therapy is to help you achieve that precious and life-affirming balance of mind, body, and spirit so that your healing journey begins on sound footing and with a clear focus on the path ahead.

A fitness therapy program Lantana, Florida offers can:

  • Improve your physical health
  • Decrease pain or inflammation
  • Improve your immune system
  • Improve your mood and cognition

A Fitness Therapy Program for You

When you are battling substance abuse or a mental health disorder, you can experience depleted moods, frustration, and anxiety. Cravings, which happen anytime you are exposed to triggers, can linger for weeks, months, or even years after you detox from your substance of choice. Part of the recovery process is learning how to manage your symptoms and cope with cravings, triggers, and negative emotions.

Fitness therapy is one of the many ways we help you learn the skills and tools you need to recover. Our treatment team is dedicated to guiding you to long-lasting recovery and sobriety. As such, we offer a variety of other holistic therapy programs such as:

This is an important decision. Call 1.866.947.7299 today to find out if a fitness therapy program in Lantana, Florida is the right choice for you or your loved one.