Loneliness and isolation are hallmarks of drug and alcohol addiction. Whether it’s guilt or embarrassment, addiction sufferers don’t like being around family and loved ones who are leveling judgments. Instead, they just stay to themselves and live within their own private misery. They do this until they hit “rock bottom” and finally start asking people for help. Professional drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers often employ a group therapy program as a part of treatment. They do that for some very important reasons, which we will discuss in more depth below.

What Takes Place in Group Therapy

For the most part, individual therapy programs serve as the cornerstone of any meaningful addiction treatment program. It gives the client a platform for discussing the potential causes of their addiction. As long as they are honest with themselves and their therapist, they can learn a lot. For starters, they can learn the truth about their addiction. That usually includes getting to the core issues that are causing them to harm themselves with drugs or alcohol.

Most clients also get the opportunity to participate in group therapy programs. It affords them a chance to interact with other addiction sufferers in a structured environment. Most of the time, a counselor or therapist will serve as monitor over a group session. When appropriate, clients sometimes get the opportunity to run their own groups. At Lucida Treatment center, we promote self help support groups Lantana Florida options to inspire clients to bond. We let them choose the format and topics while they take turns as monitors. Inevitably, this particular option becomes a favorite among a lot of clients.

Group sessions typically follow one of several different formats. Some sessions simply allow residents to sit around and share ideas and experiences. Other times, therapists will develop other types of group sessions around specific activities. It’s common for these activities to address some aspect of addiction or recovery.

While attendance in a group therapy program might be mandatory, participation is usually voluntary. The hope is everyone in the group will eventually find a level of comfort that motivates them to participate in even the smallest ways.

The Benefits of a Group Therapy Program

When we put forth a group therapy program Lantana Florida option, we do so with a purpose. We design each of our a Group Therapy Program session with mostly young peoplegroup therapy programs to provide participants with certain benefits. We also go so far as to create specific programs for clients with specific issues. This is the level of personal service we strive to offer.

Using our standard group therapy program Lantana Florida option as a point of reference, here’s a few benefits clients can expect to receive:

  • Client gets an opportunity to make friends and build support resources for future use
  • Client learns about different aspects of recovery
  • They get an opportunity to learn better communication skills
  • Client learns the importance of being accountable to others
  • Client learns they are part of a much larger group of people who have common issues

The Lucida Treatment Center Way

As a professional addiction treatment organization, we seek to make a difference for all our clients. We start with the premise that each client is a unique individual. From that premise, our therapists begin to develop a custom treatment program that addresses each client’s specific needs. In the end, we only have one way to measure our success. That would be by the ability of our client to maintain sobriety throughout his or her lifetime. With that as our primary objective, we offer the following addiction treatment options:

The great thing about addiction treatment is it comes in many shapes and sizes, and it works. At Lucida Treatment Center, we can offer you both individual and group therapy programs. All you have to do is admit you have an illness and reach out for our help. You can do that by picking up the phone and calling us at 1.866.947.7299.