Substance abuse often develops as a mechanism for coping with a traumatic event. Using drugs or alcohol can be a way to self-medicate and lessen the uncomfortable emotions associated with memories of a traumatic event. That’s why a trauma therapy program is such an essential part of any quality rehabilitation facility. Keep reading to discover more about trauma therapy at the Lucida Treatment Center in Lantana FL, how it works and what types of treatment options are available if you or a loved one are currently battling addiction fueled by trauma.

About a Trauma Therapy Program

A trauma therapy program is one that focuses on the role that traumatic events play on a person’s decision-making, emotions and overall well-being. Many substance abuse related issues revolve around the disruption or imbalance of emotions. Using drugs or alcohol can balance negative emotions by helping a person to feel happier or by dulling things like sadness, guilt, shame and fear. It becomes a survival mechanism in many cases.

If you drink or use drugs to numb your feelings, trauma therapy may be well-suited to help you overcome this pattern. There are a number of warning signs that a person could use professional treatment and that a trauma therapy program Lantana Florida could be beneficial.

These include:

  • Need to use substances in order to socializea woman feeling overwhelmed before Trauma Therapy Program
  • Normalizing or downplaying use of drugs or alcohol
  • Using in order to alter your mood
  • Using to numb emotional pain
  • Difficulty in relationships due to substance abuse
  • Indulging in risky behaviors associated with drugs or alcohol

This list is not exhaustive, but it does give some of the more common red flags.

How Trauma Therapy Works

Trauma therapy understands that substance use is often a way to cope with uncomfortable feelings or memories. It places an emphasis on safety for clients and group members in order to encourage exploration of difficult topics. A therapist in this approach will be sure to teach methods for dealing with things like flashbacks or panic attacks prior to pushing forward to talk about experiences.

There are a number of common tools, strategies and techniques used in a trauma therapy program. Grief and loss counseling is often a chief component. Sometimes exposure or desensitization is used to help people overcome triggers. Talk therapy of various modalities such as cognitive behavioral therapy may be used in both individual therapy programs and group counseling sessions that emphasize trauma therapy. Peer support is essential, as well.

Coping skills are absolutely necessary when dealing with trauma. Strategies such as cognitive restructuring, emotional regulation and self-advocacy are taught during sessions. Holistic techniques can also help to reduce stress related to trauma. Things such as a yoga therapy program, meditation and acupuncture may be a part of a trauma therapy program.

What Lucida Treatment Center Can Provide

A PTSD treatment center in Lantana Florida can be just what someone dealing with trauma and addiction needs. This type of quality rehab has the expert staff and the resources needed to support those suffering from past painful experiences. Managing two difficult issues such as trauma and addiction on your own may not be possible. There’s no shame in seeking help.

Features of Lucida Treatment Center include:

Don’t hesitate to reach out for assistance. You don’t have to try to deal with your trauma and addiction alone. A trauma therapy program in Lantana Florida can make the process easier. Live a vibrant life in recovery. A better life awaits.

You can call us at 1.866.947.7299 to discover how to get started on the road to recovery. We look forward to answering your questions.