If you suffer from a substance use disorder involving alcohol, and you live in or near the Florida area, the Lucida Treatment Center offers alcohol addiction treatment in Lantana, Florida that can be your first step in recovery. Lucida is a drug and alcohol detox center that provides quality treatment in an upscale setting for those who battle dependency. Recover here among beautiful surroundings and luxury accommodations with the help of some of the most highly trained and compassionate staff available.

About Alcohol Dependence

woman describing her symptoms at the alcohol detox centerHow do you know if your penchant for enjoying a drink on occasion has become something more serious? It’s about how you feel. If you suffer negative physical or emotional effects when you don’t have a drink, (withdrawal), then it’s time to reach out to an alcohol detox center.

Alcohol makes you feel good. In many instances, it makes you feel happier, sillier and more carefree. You lose inhibitions. Worries fall away. All that’s left are good times with friends and family.

Sadly, it’s not quite that simple. If you use enough alcohol, your body can become dependent upon it. This means that when you stop drinking for even short periods of time, you begin to suffer the negative effects of withdrawal.

Withdrawal, when alcohol is involved, should be attempted only under medical supervision because the symptoms can be severe for those who’ve been drinking for years or drink excessive amounts of alcohol daily.

Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms

When your body craves alcohol and doesn’t receive it, withdrawal symptoms happen. These can include:

  • Elevated blood pressure
  • Rapid heartbeat
  • Tremors
  • Seizures
  • Hallucinations
  • Delirium tremens

Some of these conditions are more serious than others, and they may happen differently to different people. Some people who detox from alcohol suffer more severe symptoms than others. This is why medical supervision is recommended.

If you’re considering seeking help for alcohol dependence, contact a quality alcohol detox center such as the Lucida Treatment Center first.

Signs of Alcohol Addiction

Substance use disorder involving alcohol is a chronic disease that requires treatment. Nobody ever intends to become addicted to alcohol. But depending upon your risk factors, environment and situation, this condition can creep up on you over time until you realize just how many drinks you’re having in a day. Signs and symptoms of alcohol abuse include needing more and more alcohol to achieve the same warm “buzz,” drinking until you lose time or blackout, spending a lot of time sick from hangovers, and thinking about alcohol to the exclusion of everything else in your life.

If these symptoms are ones you experience on a regular basis, or if they describe someone you care about, contact our alcohol detox center in Lantana, Florida today.

Recovery at Lucida’s Alcohol Detox Center

When you’re ready to reach out for help for alcohol dependence, the Lucida Treatment Center’s addiction treatment center is here in Lantana, FL. We offer a full range of treatment for substance use disorders for adults, including:

  • Drug and alcohol detox
  • Inpatient care
  • Outpatient care
  • Quality aftercare
  • Alumni support

At Lucida, you’ll experience high-quality medical care from some of the best clinicians in the area. We offer a combination of modern, scientifically proven therapies, as well as elements of holistic and alternative care methods, to coax you gently toward recovery.  Your recovery plan will be customized specifically to fit your individual needs.

Substance use disorder involving alcohol is fully treatable. There’s no need to let it affect even one more day of your life. When it’s time to begin recovery, it’s time to call the Lucida Treatment Center at 1.866.947.7299.