Welcome To Rooted: Lucida Treatment Alumni Communities

Rooted is a free service provided to alumni from any of the Promises family of treatment centers to attend for life and is offered weekly at a variety of cities nationwide and online through our virtual meetings on the Zoom platform.

As society is aligning with the social adjustments needed for purposeful distancing, we have adjusted our sails so that we can navigate these winds and lead our alumni and others in recovery through these storms while continuing to provide meaningful avenues of connection.

Until further notice, We are welcoming all people in all forms of recovery (including those who did not attend treatment with us) to join us on any of our recently-expanded range of virtual recovery meetings. No matter what you are recovering from or what brought you here, WE ARE SO GLAD TO HAVE YOU JOIN US!

Below you will find our live calendar listing each of our virtual recovery meetings that are accessible to anyone worldwide all week, every week!


Helana Cabral | Alumni Adviser
Lucida Treatment Center
Phone: (561) 235-0726
Email: helana.cabral@promises.com


All of our alumni coordinators are peer recovery trained.

Your recovery journey doesn’t end when you leave Lucida’s treatment programs. Whether it’s for mental health, substance abuse, or both, treatment is just the first phase of the rest of your life. After you finish treatment, your goal changes from achieving recovery to maintaining it. 

When you go to Lucida, your recovery is helped both by our professional staff and our therapeutic living environment. Once you leave, however, the stresses, temptations, and obligations of your life can reverse or outright destroy your progress. We want to help you prevent relapse, whether its returning to addiction or losing your handle on a mental illness. That’s why we’ve launched our Lucida Alumni Program, Rooted.

What Happens In Alumni Programs?

Alumni programs bring together past attendees of a treatment program. Alumni programs apply to both mental health and addiction attendees. Alumni programs also cut across the inpatient vs. outpatient dichotomy, bringing the full alumni network together. The alumni network allows people in recovery to connect with one another. These connections can serve multiple purposes, including:

  • Professional connections, which help you build a new life free of previous temptations or stress factors
  • Support groups. Support group meetings are similar to group therapy. Peers come together to share their experiences, help each other, and grow together as a community in recovery. There are support groups for people dealing with substance abuse, mental health, or both.
  • Helping others going through recovery, during treatment or afterwards
  • Annual gatherings and community involvement

Joining Rooted, Lucida’s alumni program, helps preserve and maintain the support network that helped you succeed in rehab. 

One of the most important lessons of recovery, both before and after treatment, is that you don’t have to go it alone. This maxim is true in detox, where medical staff mitigate withdrawal. It is true in therapy, when therapists and peers help you psychologically overcome mental health or addiction. And it is true after rehab, where alumni and support groups can help you stay on the straight and narrow.

Who Is Eligible To Join Rooted?

Rooted is a free service provided to Lucida alums to attend for life. Rooted is offered weekly in communities across America, and online on the Zoom video-chat platform. 

Even if you didn’t attend Lucida, you can still join our alumni program! We want to help as many people as possible cement their recovery. No matter who or where you are, Lucida and Rooted are here for you.

Below you will find our live calendar listing each of our virtual recovery meetings that are accessible to anyone worldwide all week, every week! [insert calendar]

Treatment at Lucida

No matter where you are on your road to recovery, Lucida has services that can help you achieve your dreams. Before you root your recovery in Rooted, transform your life in one of our treatment programs. We offer both mental health and substance abuse treatment programs, including:

  • Anxiety 
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Depression 
  • Mood disorders
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder
  • PTSD
  • Schizophrenia
  • Self-harm and self-injuring behaviors
  • Avoidant personality disorder
  • Borderline personality disorder

Lucida also offers substance abuse treatment programs for substances including:

  • Adderall 
  • Alcohol
  • Cocaine
  • Heroin
  • Meth
  • Opiates
  • Opioids

Don’t wait another day to beat your mental health disorder or addiction. Contact Lucida online or call 1.866.947.7299. We’re happy to answer your questions about Rooted and admissions to our treatment programs.