The Lucida Treatment Center offers a full range of care options for substance use disorders, including our Co-occurring Disorders Treatment Program. If you’re battling substance use disorder that’s complicated by a secondary condition such as depression or anxiety, we’ll draw up a plan that’s designed to meet all of your recovery needs at our mental health treatment center in Lantana, Florida.

The Importance of Treating Co-Occurring Disorders

group holding hands at co-occurring disorders treatment programThere was a time when mental health treatment and treatment for substance use disorders occurred separately and apart from one another. This meant being treated by different doctors at separate facilities and involved little or no overlap. Today, we know that integrated care, like the approach provided by Lucida Treatment Center, is better. Addressing both the substance use disorder and any accompanying conditions simultaneously are more conducive to recovery.

Recovery from addiction requires a healthy body, mind, and spirit. It takes strength and willpower and a positive outlook for the future. If you’re suffering from a co-occurring condition that affects any one of these, it must be treated, too. Reach out to our co-occurring disorders treatment program in Lantana, Florida for more information.

Common Conditions That Co-Occur With Substance Use Disorder

It’s not uncommon for someone who battles drug or alcohol dependency to suffer from accompanying disorders. Often, it’s the co-occurring condition that leads someone to self-medicate in the beginning. Common conditions that co-occur with substance use disorder include:

  • Depression
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Panic disorder
  • Schizophrenia
  • Social anxiety disorder
  • Poly-drug addiction

In many situations, it was the depression or the panic that encouraged drug use. Sometimes, the prescription used to treat the condition became the focus of the disorder. Clients in this situation receive a dual diagnosis so that treatment may begin for every condition that affects them.

If you’re battling substance use disorder alongside a second or third condition, you’re one of many. According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, 9.2 million people in America were in this same situation in 2018. Don’t get caught up in the stigma of substance use disorder. Seek help today from a quality co-occurring disorders treatment program like the one featured at the Lucida Treatment Center.

The Co-Occurring Disorders Treatment Program at Lucida Treatment Center

When you choose treatment at the Lucida Treatment Center, you’ll experience the highest quality care. We offer a full range of therapy options to address your dual diagnosis. These may include:

Because not every client needs the same course of treatment, each plan in our co-occurring disorders treatment program in Lantana, FL is individualized. Science shows higher rates of recovery when a treatment plan specifically customizes to address individual needs. This is especially true for clients who have a dual diagnosis. Care for depression is different from care for panic disorder. Similarly, treatment for cocaine use varies widely from treatment for opioid use. At Lucida Treatment Center, our experienced clinicians recognize the need for individualized care. You’ll have a great chance at recovery here because we’re dedicated to helping you make it happen.

When you’re ready to recover in a co-occurring disorders treatment program in Lantana, Florida, the Lucida Treatment Center is eager to talk with you. Call us today at 1.866.947.7299. It’s tough enough to overcome depression and anxiety without tossing a substance use disorder into the fray. But if you’re one of the millions of courageous Americans who fight a dual diagnosis every day, we’d like to make it easier for you to find success.

Contact us and we’ll provide the tools and know-how. You bring the desire to recover. Together, we’ll find a plan that works. Don’t let addiction, mental illness or another disorder prevent you from seeking help. Call Lucida Treatment Center today.