woman discussing the east coast rehab center with therapistSubstance abuse disorders impact 10% of Americans over the age of 12. Addiction takes hold of people of every gender, age, race, and background. In addition, it affects more than the individual addicted to drugs or alcohol. Family, friends and loved ones are impacted by this problem. To help you break free, Lucida Treatment Center offers a men’s rehab program in Lantana, Florida that residents rely on to help them get back their best life. There’s a women’s rehab program too, as well as many services to promote recovery at the East Coast rehab center.

Millions of Americans have a difficult relationship with alcohol or other drugs. It doesn’t get better unless you get help. Take this opportunity to reach out and accept the helping hand available at our East Coast rehab center, so you can get your life back. Some people respond to traditional group and individual therapy, while others make progress in holistic treatments, such as meditation and yoga. At Lucida, you won’t be herded into a program without consideration of your unique needs. This attention to your recovery plan helps us work out the best plan for you, with your input.

Our Approach to Addiction Treatment

At Lucida Treatment Center, relapse prevention is a priority in everything we do from non-verbal therapies to self help support groups in FL. So, whether you’re taking art therapy or working toward independence with life skills training, you’ll develop the tools you need to support lifelong recovery. We also have medically assisted therapies for those who could benefit from a pharmacological approach.

Signs of Addiction

If you’re not sure whether you or a loved one has a substance abuse problem, the signs below may help. Symptoms that may require addiction treatment in Lantana Florida include:

  • Need to drink/use more to get drunk/high
  • Spending the majority of time drinking or using drugs
  • Giving up favorite activities to drink or use drugs
  • Guilty feelings after drinking/using
  • Hiding or making excuses for excessive drinking/using
  • Stealing to pay for drugs

Addiction Treatment Programs In Lantana, Florida

Recognizing that emotional problems can lead to addiction, our program treats men and women who have an addiction and co-occurring mental health issues. Our program is made up of individualized solutions but incorporates family members as appropriate for a holistic approach.

Mental Health Treatment Programs

Substance abuse and mental health issues often co-occur. In order to fully recover, you need an East Coast rehab center with a mental health treatment center in FL. Our center also has gender-specific programs to surround you with peers you can open up to. Here are some of the conditions that we treat along with substance abuse:

  • Depression
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Trauma
  • Avoidance disorders

Clients receive individual therapy programs as well as trauma-focused sessions guided by a licensed therapist.

Why Do You Need Mental Health Treatment?

Substance abuse takes a toll on the body but it also affects your mind and emotions. Many people begin drinking or using to self-medicate for problems that were already present before addiction. That’s why it’s important to treat both the addiction and the underlying cause for a complete recovery.

Help is available at our East Coast rehab center. Lucida’s residential addiction treatment programs can help you live your best life. Some of the changes you’ll notice include:

  • New coping skills that help you avoid destructive habits
  • Better communication for stronger relationships
  • A support network of people with similar challenges
  • Overcoming fear of sharing your feelings and experiences
  • Improved decision-making ability

East Coast Rehab Center Lantana Florida

The counselors and staff at Lucida Treatment Center encourage you to overcome addiction at a quality rehab center. We help you face mental health issues head-on so that you can begin to heal and live your best life. Contact us today at 1.866.947.7299 to begin your journey back to sound physical and mental well-being.