Do you feel that you have to hide your feelings because you are a man? You are not alone. The professional staff at Lucida Treatment Center understands men’s struggles with substance abuse, addiction, depression, anxiety, and other issues. There is hope, whether you need mental health or addiction treatment, through proven interventions like a cognitive behavioral therapy program. Our men’s addiction treatment center can provide for all of your needs.

Often, an individual has co-occurring substance abuse and mental health disorders that require comprehensive treatment at an addiction treatment center for men. When you have a desire to get your life back on track, the Lucida Treatment Center team provides exceptional treatment and empathy to help you with your specific treatment needs. Discover how to start on your path to recovery at our men’s addiction treatment center.

What is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?

man enjoys outdoors at mens addiction treatment centerYou have likely heard the term ‘cognitive behavioral therapy’ in the past and wondered what kind of conditions benefit from this kind of psychotherapy. Cognitive-behavioral therapy is a proven, evidence-based treatment that, used for both men and women, in the treatment of substance abuse, mental health, and dual diagnosis disorders.

When you receive cognitive behavioral therapy as part of an addiction therapy plan, you learn to see all the parts of a problem. You learn to consider each aspect or part of your problems, which helps make them more manageable. Thus, you begin to overcome how negative thoughts often affect you.

When receiving cognitive behavioral therapy at a men’s addiction treatment center, you learn to develop new, healthy coping skills. You learn to manage the stressors that lead you into depression, to an anxiety attack, or abuse of alcohol or other drugs. You become equipped with the skills to handle life without turning to your old ways of dealing with these stressors.

Receiving Treatment at the Men’s Addiction Treatment Center

Men are sometimes left behind in the recognition of mental health needs. In fact, a Psychology Today author calls the issue of mental health among men, ‘a silent crisis.’ Men also have considerably higher rates of substance abuse, compared to women. Statistics also indicate that men are less likely to reach out and use mental health services voluntarily. When you do not receive the mental health or substance abuse treatment that you need, you continue in a downward spiral. You can overcome the devastation that untreated mental health and substance abuse causes in your life.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) points out some significant differences in sex and gender when considering substance abuse. For men, these include:

  • More overdose visits to emergency departments for substance abuse
  • Higher rates of dependence on alcohol and other drugs compared to women
  • Men are more likely to use nearly all types of illicit substances compared to women
  • Men are more likely to engage in binge drinking compared to women
  • Potentially facing greater barriers in receiving treatment compared to women that need treatment

Other gender-specific facts about substance abuse and mental health exist. These include the fact that men have more alcohol-related deaths than women, and are potentially more violent when under the influence of alcohol or other drugs.

Men’s Addiction Treatment Center Benefits

When treating men in a gender-specific program, the issues that affect men are addressed comprehensively. In a residential treatment center or outpatient program, individual, group, and family therapy provide total support. Additionally, other evidence-based and holistic therapies help each man to learn new coping skills and how to avoid the old ways of dealing with the stresses of everyday life.

Start on your road to recovery at Lucida. Live a vibrant life in recovery. A better life awaits when you contact us at 1.866.947.7299 today.