Treatment in a women’s alcohol rehab center can include both traditional and holistic therapies. At Lucida Treatment Center, you might experience a yoga therapy program, designed to teach you new ways to exercise and restore your health. Your therapist may use cognitive behavioral therapy, or motivational interviewing to help you define why you are in treatment. When you are able to solidify why you need a women’s alcohol rehab center, you become more committed to your overall treatment. Your success in addiction recovery will hinge on your level of commitment to your sobriety.

What to Expect in a Women’s Alcohol Rehab Center

woman meditates at womens alcohol rehab centerAt an alcohol rehab center for women, you can expect the compassionate care you deserve to heal from your addiction. You will be able to work with a counselor to develop a treatment plan. Other women in the program will provide support as you go through treatment. Early recovery can be hard to navigate, and empathetic staff are there every step of the way. When you enter an addiction treatment program to work through your addiction to alcohol, you can expect:

  • A comfortable environment that allows you space and time to heal from your addiction
  • Support from staff and your peers as you learn about the recovery process
  • Trauma therapy programs and other evidence-based therapy to help you identify addiction triggers that have led you to addiction in the first place
  • Holistic therapies to restore your mind, body, and spirit so that you can heal

Alcohol addiction can be hard to overcome.  When you go to an alcohol rehab center for women, you begin to build the foundation of your sobriety. While everyone is different, your recovery begins when you make the choice to change your life and reach out for help by calling Lucida Treatment Center.

What It Means to be Addicted to Alcohol

An addiction to alcohol means that you have an alcohol use disorder, or you are considered an alcoholic. Drinking alcohol is a social activity, and it is why so many people don’t admit they have an addiction for a long period of time. Alcohol consumption is normal, but abusing alcohol and allowing alcohol to control your life is not. Your behavior when you are drinking and your desire to drink are both factors that play a role in whether you are addicted to alcohol or just a social drinker. You may be addicted to alcohol if you find yourself doing any of the following:

  • Wanting to stay for one more drink and you always end up staying until the bar closes
  • Driving home intoxicated and don’t consider the consequences
  • Arguing with your partner about how much you drink and lying when confronted with the truth
  • Getting mad if your plans to go out change and you decide to drink at home alone anyway

An addiction to alcohol can be subtle at first, and it can grow over time. If you want to stop drinking alcohol and you have not been successful in the past, it’s time to get the professional help you deserve to overcome your addiction. With a program designed around your specific needs, you can get through the early stages of your sobriety and move forward. Your life is waiting, but you have to make the decision to get the treatment you deserve in order to heal.

Get Control of Your Addiction Today

The women’s alcohol rehab center at Lucida Treatment Center provides comprehensive addiction treatment that will allow you to build a new life in recovery. Evidence-based addiction therapies help you identify the dangerous cycle of addiction, and work on the coping skills you will need to maintain sobriety and recovery. Upon intake, a full physical and psychological evaluation will determine your needs, and staff at Lucida will create a treatment plan around your individual issues. Treatment programs at Lucida Treatment Center include:

Alcohol can ruin your life and keep you away from the things you love. If you are struggling with an addiction, contact Lucida Treatment Center today at 1.866.947.7299. It’s time to start living a life free from addiction and in recovery.