In a women’s addiction treatment center, evidence-based and holistic interventions provide comprehensive support sensitive to each individual’s needs. Treatment options like a dialectical behavior therapy program help manage stressors and teach healthy coping methods. At Lucida Treatment Center, a range of treatment options is available to those who enter the program and are ready to change their lives for the better. In all programs, Lucida Treatment Center offers care that gives you the best chance possible at long term sobriety. When you need addiction treatment, we are there every step of the way.

Your Stay In a Women’s Addiction Treatment Center

woman meets with therapist at womens addiction treatment centerAt our Lantana addiction treatment center for women, you will encounter a range of treatments to help you heal from addiction and learn new relapse prevention strategies. Dialectical behavioral therapy, or DBT, is a form of therapy effective at helping people in recovery for addiction learn how to better live in the now and have improved emotional regulation. When you are in a women’s rehab center, you might experience:

  • Motivational interviewing to help you come to terms with why you are in treatment and strengthen your resolve
  • Group therapy sessions to discuss addiction and recovery with peers and build your support network
  • An introduction to self-help support groups and why they are beneficial in the recovery process
  • An individual therapy program using dialectical behavioral therapy techniques and cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) to reduce stress and improve your outlook
  • Holistic therapies such as massage, mindfulness or yoga to help you recover physically and emotionally

Your treatment in a women’s addiction treatment center will depend on your specific needs. Your counselor at Lucida Treatment Centers will work with you to create a treatment plan that is right for you. Together, you will discuss your treatment goals and your strengths to come up with a plan for your recovery.

Learning How to Avoid a Relapse In Recovery

Relapse is a common part of the recovery process, and it is vital to get back to a program of sobriety when relapse has occurred. You will learn relapse prevention strategies that are focused on helping you reduce stress levels and to reach out for help when you need it. Strategies that work are a bit different for each person, but you might learn:

  • Deep breathing exercises to center your thoughts and calm yourself down
  • To work with a therapist in the community to keep you focused on your recovery
  • The importance of building a support network to help you when you feel low
  • To talk to a friend consistently when you are working on your sobriety
  • To understand that you are not alone in your addiction and there is always help available

You might discover that a relapse prevention strategy works for a time, and then isn’t as effective anymore. Returning to a residential addiction treatment center can always help you when you feel you are at risk. Learning better-coping skills takes time. When you do the work of taking care of your mental, physical, and spiritual self, true healing can occur. As you go through your recovery process, you will begin to see that your recovery is possible.

You can heal from an addiction to drugs or alcohol, but you have to take the first step and ask for the help you need. Once you decide to get the help you deserve, you are on your way to a full life without addiction.

Find Treatment Options Now

Addiction doesn’t have to control your life any longer. Call Lucida Treatment Center at 1.866.947.7299 and begin your journey of sobriety. You can find help from detox to aftercare options, but you have to decide to take your life back from addiction.