The National Institute on Drug Abuse claims that men and women have equal chances of developing an addiction. This is despite the fact that men are more likely to abuse illicit substances. Women also experience more cravings and are highly susceptible to relapse. These differences between the sexes is why gender-specific addiction treatment programs are so important. At our women’s rehab in Lantana, you’ll receive personalized care that will help you get and stay sober.

Why Choose Rehab for Women in Lantana?

group therapy meets at womens rehab in lantana flThere’s a connection between physical and sexual abuse and addiction. In particular, women who have experienced interpersonal trauma are more likely than other females to abuse drugs or alcohol. They may also feel uncomfortable sharing their experiences in a mixed-gender setting. However, when surrounded by other women, ladies are often more willing to open up, especially during our Florida group therapy program.

Research also suggests that men and women use drugs for different reasons. It’s expected that men will be adventurous and experimental, which often leads to them trying drugs for the first time. On the other hand, women are more likely to use drugs or alcohol to help them cope with everyday stress or even traumatic events.

Women often feel responsible for taking care of others. As such, they may put off going to rehab out of concerns about who will care for their children or aging parents.

At a women’s rehab in Lantana, we take these things into consideration when coming up with a custom treatment plan just for you. We are uniquely qualified to deal with the issues surrounding females and substance abuse and can provide you with the best possible odds of achieving sobriety.

Benefits of Rehab for Women in Lantana

By coming to a women’s rehab in Lantana, you’ll be surrounded by others who are more likely to empathize with you. This in itself can make the experience easier because you can feel as though you are not alone in your struggles.

You’ll respond best to treatment when you feel physically and mentally secure. This is something we strive for here at our women’s rehab in Lantana because we believe it makes a difference. If you have a substance abuse problem, we want you to know that you can feel safe coming here. A trauma therapy program can help you process any trauma that affects you, so you can begin moving forward in your recovery.

Sexual harassment is, unfortunately, something that many women will have to deal with. The odds of this happening is much less in rehab facilities that are segregated by gender. Female-only rehab also eliminates the temptation for you to “hook up” with someone of the opposite sex. This is something addiction specialists generally advise against, as it takes the focus off of your treatment.

Programs from Lucida Treatment Center

You’ll find a wide range of programs available at our women’s rehab in Lantana, including:

Not only do we segregate our programs by gender, but we also customize our treatment plans for each woman. As such, you will receive the care that best suits your level and type of addiction. We believe this provides you with the best possible odds of achieving sobriety. Contact us today so that we can help you take the next step toward beating your addiction.

An Excellent Rehab for Women Lantana

If you’ve considered rehab but were afraid you would not feel comfortable, now is the time to visit our women’s rehab in Lantana. We’ll provide you a caring atmosphere in which to get your life back on track again. Please take the next step today, contact us at 1.866.947.7299 for more information. We look forward to helping you meet your sobriety goals.