young adult talking to therapist at the Young Adult Addiction Treatment ProgramToday’s generation of young adults is the most diverse in our nation’s history. The biggest stressors affecting young people today, however, seem to be universal among the generation as a whole. Many of these may contribute to a substance use disorder requiring a young adult addiction treatment program for lasting recovery. For this reason, if you are a young adult who struggles with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, the Lucida Treatment Center provides addiction treatment programs in Lantana, Florida that can help.

Stressors Faced by Young Adults in Today’s America

A survey conducted in California lists the top challenges faced by a sampling of today’s young adults. They include:

  • School
  • Violence within their communities
  • Poverty
  • Dissolution of families
  • Personal relationships
  • Peer pressure

It is a lot for one person to worry about, especially when it means not having food on the table, having inadequate health care, or lacking the support you need to be successful in school and college. Sadly, concerns such as these can lead you to self-medicate. Self-medication means that you are using drugs or another chemical substance without the advice, permission, or guidance of a licensed physician or prescriber. Many times, this decision can lead to a substance use disorder. If this sounds like you or someone you know,  attending a young adult addiction treatment center in Lantana, Florida is the next logical step.

Why You Should Reach Out

Worldwide, it is the 18 to 25 demographic who suffer the most from substance use disorder, says the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime. If this describes you, you are far from alone in your struggles. In Europe, the drugs of choice for people under the age of 35 are amphetamines and ecstasy. In the United States, evidence points to cannabis, opioids, benzo, and inhalants.

It does matter which types or categories of drugs you’re using because some are more deadly than others. Opioids, for instance, have a high rate of accidental overdose. This is because your body builds up a tolerance for them while suppressing your respiration at the same time. Take too many, and your heart simply stops beating. If you’re struggling with a substance use disorder, contact a young adult addiction treatment in Lantana, Florida today. Our alcohol and drug detox center in FL promotes safe and comfortable rehabilitation.

Young Adult Addiction Treatment Program

At Lucida Treatment Center in Lantana, Florida, we treat a full range of substance use disorders, including:

Regardless of what type of substance use disorder you are battling, Lucida Treatment Center’s young adult addiction treatment program in Lantana, Florida is equipped to help you recover. We use a combination of evidence-based, holistic, and traditional therapies so our experienced clinicians can customize a treatment plan to fit your specific needs.

Recover With Us

Located in scenic Palm Beach County in Lantana, FL, the Lucida Treatment Center offers a luxury, resort-type experience for young adults wishing to recover from addiction. Scenic vistas, nearby access to sun, surf and sand, and luxurious accommodations set Lucida apart from any other young adult addiction treatment program. Secluded enough to serve as a peaceful getaway, yet offering every modern convenience, Lucida Treatment Center is the obvious choice for recovery in the Palm Beach Area.

When you are ready to talk recovery, we have kind and compassionate representatives standing by to listen. There’s nothing to lose by picking up your phone and reaching out for help with substance use disorder. However, there is an entire future to gain. Call us today at 1.866.947.7299, so we can help you regain control over your life. You, too, can live a vibrant life in recovery.  Contact us so you can take that first step.