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Binge Drinking Unrecognized Among Women in U.S.

Binge Drinking Unrecognized Among Women in U.S.Pregnancy, breast cancer, and heart disease are women’s health issues frequently discussed among health experts. Recently, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) added binge drinking as another health concern for women. Binge drinking could potentially damage a woman’s overall health, and could add risks to all of the women’s health issues mentioned above. Continue reading

Links Between Hyperthyroidism and Bipolar Disorder

Links Between Hyperthyroidism and Bipolar DisorderHyperthyroidism is the medical term doctors use to describe excessive production of hormones in your thyroid gland, a small organ that sits in the lower front region of your neck. You rely on your thyroid hormones for a number of essential body functions, but an overabundance of these substances can significantly harm your health. Current scientific evidence indicates that hyperthyroidism can produce symptoms of mania that are more or less identical to the mania symptoms found in people with the mental health condition called bipolar disorder. In turn, people with bipolar disorder have increased risks for developing hyperthyroidism. Continue reading