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Suppressing Emotions in PTSD May Make Symptoms Worse

Suppressing Emotions in PTSD May Make Symptoms WorsePost-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) has gained more attention since the first Kuwait/ Iraq invasion some 20 years ago. During the intervening years, as war efforts have expanded into Afghanistan, the number of men and women dealing with this intense anxiety disorder has risen too. Soldiers with PTSD have been affected by a traumatic experience in such a way that even after they return home from active duty, memories of the event produce all sorts of trying symptoms. Soon the person may spend inordinate amounts of energy to avoid feeling anything as a way of escaping from the nightmare. Unfortunately, ignoring emotions can actually make their PTSD worse. Continue reading

Bipolar Women and Men on Different Planets

Bipolar Women and Men on Different PlanetsWomen with bipolar disorder experience this mental health condition differently from men. For one example, women are more likely to have rapid cycling bipolar disorder. This means having more frequent and quick changes in mood. We also have more complicating factors when it comes to the symptoms of the disorder. Women have more changes in hormone levels that can affect their moods. Women have a monthly hormone cycle, as well as menopause and pregnancy. All of these things affect the course of bipolar disorder. Continue reading