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Denial Is the Top Reason Substance Abusers Go Untreated

Denial Is the Top Reason Substance Abusers Go UntreatedIt’s no secret that many people with addictions can go years untreated because they deny they’ve got a problem, but now there are numbers to back it up. About 1 in 12 Americans are in need of substance abuse treatment, new research says, but only a fraction of people are getting it. Failure among substance abusers to recognize they need treatment is the overwhelming reason they don’t get help.

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How to Keep Women in Addiction Treatment

How to Keep Women in Addiction TreatmentRetaining patients in treatment for addiction for an adequate period of time is crucial to the success of the treatment. Experts say that addicts need at least three months in care to significantly reduce or to completely stop using drugs or alcohol. Men and women are motivated by different factors and stay on track with treatment for different reasons. To keep addicts in treatment means looking at men and women and their unique needs separately. If a woman you care about is getting help for addiction, take these factors to heart and encourage her to stick with it.

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Boating and Alcohol Don’t Mix

Boating and Alcohol Don't MixNothing beats going out on the lake on a perfect, hot summer day, or enjoying the long summer evenings on the water with a sunset cruise. Unfortunately, too many people take alcohol with them on their boating excursions and the results can be disastrous, even fatal. Most people don’t take drinking and boating as seriously as drinking and driving. Fatalities are lower on the water simply because there are fewer boats on the water than there are cars on the roads. When you hit the water this summer, leave the alcohol on land. 

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