Monthly Archives: November 2015

Flakka, the Latest Drug Craze: Medical Authorities and Law Enforcement Concerned

A new designer drug called Flakka is sweeping across the Florida landscape, leaving behind a path of destruction reminiscent of a runaway hurricane. Its list of victims is expanding daily, and substance abuse experts are deeply concerned about the rapid spread of a drug that few people — including its users — know anything about. Continue reading

New Restaurant Gives Hispanics in Recovery New Lease on Life

New Restaurant Gives Hispanics in Recovery New Lease on LifeBeing in recovery from addiction can be a major impediment to finding work, especially when the addict has also been incarcerated. Many male Hispanic addicts in recovery find themselves in this position, and without a job and without something to do to occupy their time, these men have no income and often no motivation to say clean. A new restaurant recently opened in Worcester, Massachusetts, with the goal of helping to give these men the motivation, skills and income necessary to build new, sober lives. Continue reading