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Cigarette Smokers More Likely to Use Marijuana

Cigarette Smokers More Likely to Use MarijuanaAmerican consumers of cigarettes and other tobacco products have an increasing tendency to also consume marijuana, according to new findings from an American research group.

Marijuana and cigarettes are two of America’s three most commonly consumed addictive substances. While marijuana use is on the rise, cigarette use has fallen consistently for a number of years. In a study scheduled for publication in October 2015 in the journal Addictive Behaviors, researchers from Emory University used data gathered from hundreds of thousands of American adults to assess the frequency of marijuana use among people who smoke cigarettes or use other tobacco products. These researchers concluded that the number of marijuana-smoking tobacco consumers has risen considerably in the 21st century. Continue reading

Here’s How to Get Back up After a Relapse

Here’s How to Get Back up After a Relapse

You’ve been clean for a while. You were feeling good about your sobriety and strong in your ability to avoid using again, and then it happened. You relapsed. Now you’re wondering what to do after relapse. You’re feeling ashamed, guilty and like you wasted all that sober time. Was it all for nothing? The answer is no. Relapse happens to most addicts. What you need now is time for reflection, support and a recommitment to sobriety. You don’t need shame, guilt or self-blame. These are the real time-wasters. Here’s how you pick yourself up and start over again.
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