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Mexican Flag Waving

Is the ‘War on Drugs’ in Latin America Winding Down?

After decades of being caught in the crossfire, both figuratively and literally, the nations of Latin America are starting to rebel against the precepts of the war on drugs. In defiance of the United States, whose allegiance to military-style tactics in the struggle to cut off the flow of illegal drugs has been unbending, countries in Central and South America are asserting their independence and pushing hard for a change in course.
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Stressed Young Woman Coping with Anxiety

9 Good Reasons to Get Your Anxiety Under Control Now

Can’t stop worrying? Find it impossible to relax? Living in a constant state of anxiety overextends your brain and body. It may see like worrying can protect you from trouble, but if your fears don’t subside when a threat goes away, you could be facing serious health problems. Take a look at some of the ways anxiety can wreck the way you look and feel.
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