Kristin Davis Overcomes Alcohol Addiction

This entry was posted in Addiction Recovery on September 14, 2011 and modified on April 30, 2019

Kristin Davis Overcomes Alcohol AddictionKristin Davis, the lovely 43-year-old actress best known for her six-year role as Charlotte on “Sex and the City,” says that she is a recovering alcoholic who never tastes the many Cosmopolitans sent her way by star-struck fans. On the show, her character favored the drink, but for Kristin Davis it is a risk just not worth taking.

Ms. Davis says she began drinking when still a teenager living in the south. Feeling like the lone brunette in a sea of blondes, she says that drinking alcohol was her attempt at fitting in with others. And, she says, she drank a lot during those years. Pinpointing a single cause is hard for her and she doesn’t eliminate any genetic predisposition she may have inherited from a family which includes others who struggle with drinking. To Ms. Davis, alcoholism is a disease and one not to be played with.

Providentially, at age 22, she entered acting school and quickly discovered that staying up to drink was taking its toll on her ability to learn and perform. It was then that she felt she needed to choose between drinking or acting and acting won the day. The actress adopted a teetotaler attitude and has tried to follow it throughout. She has not been a drinker during her years of acting notoriety despite her on-camera persona.

As is the experience of many other recovering alcoholics, people often try to coax her to make an occasional exception to her normal no-alcohol policy, but the actress steadfastly refuses. Though she says she still has bad days, she is committed to her alcohol-free life – a life that has lasted far past the mere 30 years that she expected to live when she was a heavy-drinking teenager.

The actress says that, also like her on-screen character, she would enjoy having a husband and baby, but isn’t making it her focus. She wouldn’t mind adopting, either, and has actually turned, at least some of her focus, toward serving as global ambassador for Oxfam International through whose auspices she ended up volunteering in an AIDS orphanage. Adoption is something Ms. Davis admires, but doesn’t think she should undertake without full thought and commitment. Meanwhile, Ms. Davis sees herself as an advocate for the underprivileged and needy women and children across the African continent and uses every opportunity to spotlight their cause and raise money to improve their situation.

The lovely, sober and charitably minded movie and television star says she does have one guilty pleasure: chocolate. Deciding that being skinny doesn’t equal happiness and certainly can’t guarantee love, she indulges her love of chocolate and coffee lattes, but never has more than two.

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