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Is Luxury Rehab Worth It?

For those seeking addiction rehabilitation in soothing surroundings, luxury rehab Florida facilities are popular choices. The climate, beaches, wealth of tourist attractions, and the laid-back style of living all make Florida a huge draw for men and women who prefer the amenities of luxury-style rehab.

In comparison to other rehab options, luxury treatment facilities can be expensive. You’ll have extra expenses as well if you choose to travel out-of-state, which may be necessary since the most attractive luxury rehab centers are often located in popular recreational destinations. And, if you want to bring your family along, you’ll have to cover their travel and lodging expenses, too, increasing the cost of luxury rehab even more.

The Advantages of Luxury Rehab

Luxury rehab centers may be costly, but clients get a lot in return for their investment. If you choose a luxury rehab facility for addiction or mental health treatment, you can expect to find:

· Highly-qualified treatment professionals and support staff

Luxury rehab centers pay well and are able to attract some of the most acclaimed and accomplished mental health and substance abuse experts in the country.

· An excellent staff-to-patient ratio

Personalized attention and carefully customized treatment plans are a hallmark of luxury rehab.

· Proximity to exciting tourist attractions, stunning scenery and the abundance of nature

If you are especially drawn to these aspects of luxury rehab, Florida stands out from the crowd.

· Extensive access to alternative, holistic treatment methodologies

Most luxury rehab centers offer a substantial menu of evidence-based alternative therapies, including acupuncture, martial arts training, spa treatments, art therapy and wilderness therapy programs, just to name a few.

· Private or semi-private rooms in facilities modeled after luxury resorts and hotels

When not in detox, counseling sessions, peer group meetings or life skills classes, clients can unwind and relax while enjoying first-class accommodations and a pampered lifestyle.

An inpatient stint at a luxury rehab facility is not a vacation, however, and anyone who arrives expecting that is in for a rude awakening. The primary mission of these treatment centers is to help their clients recover from serious mental health and substance abuse disorders, and every aspect of the experience is designed to support and reinforce that ultimate goal.

Luxury Rehab and the Search for Excellence in Healing

Because of the high cost, luxury treatment facilities are not a realistic choice for everyone. Still, they can be ideal for men and women seeking an environment where the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of healing and wellness are supported, honored and respected.

While luxury rehab offers a full package of attractive, health-promoting amenities, most other rehab centers also make an effort to include at least some of these comforts, benefits and practices in their treatment regimens. The principles behind the luxury rehab concept are sound, which positively impacts the evolution of the rehabilitation industry as a whole — which is good news for everyone who needs professional help for addiction or mental health issues. For those who have the money to cover the cost, luxury rehab and the positive outcomes it has the potential to provide, are more than likely worth it.

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