Saying No to Addiction Treatment?

Saying No to Addiction Treatment?It is incredibly difficult to come to the realization and to make the admission that you need to get help for substance abuse or addiction. There are so many excuses and ways in which we try to deny our problems. We claim we can control it. We say we can stop any time we want, we just choose not to. We refuse to see the harm it has caused us and those we love. When it’s finally time to get treatment, you might still drag your heels. There are many excuses to be made as to why a particular treatment or rehab facility just isn’t going to work. Some may be valid, but learn to recognize the excuses that are just more forms of denial.

You’re Afraid to Get Help

Fear is a major roadblock to getting help for addiction, and what you are most likely afraid of is change. You’ve been living in a steady state, surviving. This is not living, though, and any change has to be better than what you’re experiencing now. Some addicts fear that treatment won’t work, but most actually fear that it will. If you really get down to your true feelings about getting help, you may find that you are afraid of getting sober. If you do you will have to give up using drugs and alcohol. Substance abuse is how you have coped with your emotional issues and without it you will have to face them.

You Feel Angry and Resentful

Chances are that if you’re seeking help for your addiction, those who love you pushed you along. Even if you know deep down that they are forcing your hand because they have your best interests at heart, you may still feel angry and resentful toward them. You may refuse several options for rehab because of this anger. The good news is that this feeling will fade. Try to let the anger go and let the experts in your treatment program guide your recovery. Before you know it you will feel gratitude for your loved ones who pushed you, instead of resentment.

You’ve Been Here Before and It Didn’t Work

Maybe this isn’t your first trip to rehab. It doesn’t always stick and relapse can occur. Some addicts who go through recovery will end up using again. But relapse does not mean that the treatment you received was bad or that lasting recovery is hopeless. It means that addiction is a chronic illness. There is no program or medication that can cure it. Give your therapy another try and dedicate yourself to getting clean again.

You’ve Never Heard of This Place

Another poor excuse not to go to rehab is that you have never heard of the facility or that you are unfamiliar with the type of treatment. You should do your research, but not having heard of something is not a good reason to reject it. If it sounds strange to you, learn more before committing, but don’t say no until you have more information. You could have just discovered the treatment or the facility that will make a real difference in your life.

Valid Reasons to Reject a Rehab Program

There are good reasons to say no to specific treatment programs. For instance, beware of any facility that claims it will cure you or that employs people who are not qualified to work with addicts. As you look for a treatment program that will help get you on the path to recovery, just be sure to ask important questions that will inform your decision. Ask about qualifications, if programs are individualized, if treatments are based on research, and how the program will adapt to your changing needs. Instead of making excuses, get information and make the right choice for your recovery.


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