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How Dangerous Is Alcohol Withdrawal?

Making the tough decision to get help to overcome addiction to or dependence on alcohol is a positive step. It is, however, not an easy one to make and you’re probably wondering what’s in store for you. Before any substantive treatment program can begin, you first have to undergo detoxification to clear the alcohol from your body. Perhaps you think you can detox on your own to save time, money, possibly the embarrassment of others knowing you’re quitting drinking and trying to get clean. But this is both foolhardy and dangerous. Just how dangerous is alcohol withdrawal? Continue reading

Why Women Are Drinking More and How You Can Cut Back

Why Women Are Drinking More and How You Can Cut BackMen still outpace women when it comes to drinking, but women are closing the gap. If the drinking is moderate and reasonable, there is no problem. Unfortunately, along with the overall increase in alcohol consumption for women, we see an increase in those who drink too much. Women are affected differently by alcohol than men are. Women drink for different reasons, too. And while men have always been drinkers, this is a new cultural phenomenon for women. What is behind it and what can you do to prevent the health risks from drinking to excess?

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Boating and Alcohol Don’t Mix

Boating and Alcohol Don't MixNothing beats going out on the lake on a perfect, hot summer day, or enjoying the long summer evenings on the water with a sunset cruise. Unfortunately, too many people take alcohol with them on their boating excursions and the results can be disastrous, even fatal. Most people don’t take drinking and boating as seriously as drinking and driving. Fatalities are lower on the water simply because there are fewer boats on the water than there are cars on the roads. When you hit the water this summer, leave the alcohol on land. 

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When Moms Need Wine, Their Troubles Have Only Just Begun

When Moms Need Wine, Their Troubles Have Only Just BegunAs women’s use of alcohol has increased, social norms and expectations seem to have adjusted to align with the new reality. Past taboos about the appropriateness of overconsumption and booze-related tomfoolery have gradually been eroded. Previous double standards in this area that condemned women for doing what men were routinely doing certainly won’t be missed. But when statistics show declines in binge drinking and DUI incidents among men have been matched by increases of such behavior in women, whatever is happening is clearly cause for concern.

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