Drugs and Spring Break

This entry was posted in News on March 14, 2014 and modified on April 30, 2019

Florida is one of the stop destinations for Spring break because of the beaches, but it’s also one of the places where kids use a lot of drugs such as Molly (ecstasy).

One young woman (Maria) talks about how she was first offered drugs for free, when you ask for more that’s when they start charging. She was hooked on Molly’s for two years – lost her job and dropped out of school.

Most of the sales are done through texts using secret code words.

Ana Moreno told the reporter that dealers and customers use nicknames for drugs, such as red monkey, green monkey, and transformers.  She explained that the code word “fire” indicates very high quality. She also explained that the difference between Molly and Ecstasy is that Molly a powdered version of Ecstasy put into a capsule.

Reporter – One of the places with a lot of drug use is the Ultra Music Festival.

Ana Moreno also spoke about the dangers of using Molly. It affects serotonin in the brain, that’s why you see kids at raves and the Ultramusic Festival using it – it enhances the experience of the music, flashing lights, and heightens all the senses.

Florida is leading the country in the use of Molly.

Watch the video on Univison or listen to the radio segment below:

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