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Florida Drug Problem Deemed “Epidemic” by Councilman

This entry was posted in News on March 24, 2017 and modified on April 30, 2019

Despite help available at Florida treatment centers, often for low or no cost, drug addiction continues to claim lives. In 2016 alone, over 345 people in Jacksonville, Florida died from a drug-related overdose. That statistic, which translates to nearly one person dying of a drug-related overdose per day, has alarmed city councilman Bill Gulliford.

“We should be shouting these numbers from the rooftops,” said Gulliford in a recent news announcement. “This is an epidemic, and yet the attention is limited.”

Gulliford went on to note that the homicide rate in Jacksonville is already well-known, and that overdose deaths should also be common knowledge. He also questioned the role that drugs might play in the number of homicides that occur in the city every year.

“My executive assistant is trying to secure that information from the sheriff’s office,” Gulliford said.

In the meantime, Gulliford plans to push forward efforts to reduce the city’s drug problem to the Public Safety Committee this year. Exactly what the committee will decide to do is as yet unknown, and Gulliford openly admits that getting “attention is just the first step.” He adds that “maybe bringing attention to the numbers alone will help scare some young people to avoid drugs.”

However, most of the people who died last year from drug overdose were in their 30s, with people in their 50s making up the second most populous age group among the deceased. The numbers show that victims were predominantly Caucasian males.

Anyone with a current drug problem is encouraged to seek immediate help at Florida treatment centers. Private luxury rehabs aren’t the only options available. There are also public Florida treatment centers that can help people, regardless of whether or not they have insurance. The only true barrier to addiction recovery is one’s own mental conviction. When you or a loved one makes the decision to seek addiction recovery services, help will always be available at Florida treatment centers.


Jacksonville councilman decries drug overdose ‘epidemic’

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