How Meth Use Can Lead to Cheating

How Meth Use Can Lead to Cheating

Methamphetamine, also known as crystal meth or simply meth, is a terrible drug that ruins lives. A controlled substance, meth is rarely prescribed, but most abusers get it from amateur labs that crank out the substance from household chemicals. Meth is a stimulant and has a number of effects on the user. One common effect is an increased sex drive, often to extreme levels. Sex addiction and methamphetamine use often go together, and anyone abusing meth runs the risk of having affairs. There are so many reasons not to use meth. Ruining your relationship with extramarital affairs is just one of many.

What Is Meth?

Meth energizes the central nervous system. Like other stimulants, including prescription amphetamines and cocaine, meth gets your heart racing, increases blood pressure, keeps you awake and makes you want to be more active. For many people, the drive to have sex goes up with meth use as well. These are just the short-term effects of using meth. When you use it over the long term, you risk becoming addicted to it, experiencing significant memory loss, going through psychosis and having mental deficits, mood swings, aggression and serious dental problems.

Does Methamphetamine Cause Cheating?

As if the physical side effects and lasting impacts of meth weren’t bad enough, there are other consequences. Meth doesn’t exactly cause cheating, but you are likely to make some bad choices while on this drug. You may choose to have sex with someone just because the urge strikes while you’re high and that person is available. If you are in a relationship, you may end up cheating.

Infidelity on Meth

You are always free to make your own choices, so it seems ridiculous to blame a drug for your infidelity. What is more common with meth use is that infidelity comes first. Many people use meth as an aid for having sex, whether within a relationship or not. Meth makes the user lose inhibitions, so some people choose to use it when they have decided to engage in infidelity. They believe the drug will make the initiation of sex easier and the experience more enjoyable. This practice is dangerous on several levels, not least of which is the possibility of gaining an addiction.

Sex Addiction and Methamphetamine Use

Someone who commits infidelity repeatedly may be more than an average cheater. Chronic cheating is sometimes an indication of sex addiction. Sex addicts commonly have a meth addiction as well because they use the drug to initiate sex and to enhance the experience. While one may not necessarily cause the other, sex addiction, cheating and meth use often go hand-in-hand. Sex addicts using meth are not only cheating on their partners, but also developing a secondary addiction to a drug.

An answer to the question, “Are meth users likely to cheat?” is not simple. It’s true that meth use, sex addiction and cheating often occur together, but to say that one causes another is more complicated. If you do use meth, you may find that you feel compelled to have sex and your appetite for it may be more than your partner can handle. Does this mean you will look elsewhere to satisfy your needs? Only you can say, but it is always a risk. The safest option, for so many reasons, is to not use meth.

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