At Lucida Treatment Center, we team up with other professionals in the healthcare field to help you get the best mental health and addiction treatment for a client. We value all professional referrals from outside practices and organizations. Together, we can ensure that your client gets the help they need to overcome mental health and addiction issues.

We Take Professional Referrals from A Wide Range of Sources

We value our partnerships with other healthcare professionals or professionals in related fields and look forward to teaming up with you to improve your client’s life.

We accept referrals from a wide range of providers including addiction treatment centers, hospitals, counselors and therapists, law firms, medical providers, military, and EAPs. Regardless of what type of service you provide, we want to ensure that the transition from there to here is a smooth one for your client.

Melissa Smith, Territory Outreach Manager for Lucida, shares her inspiring story of hope and recovery

About Our Addiction Treatment Programs in Lantana, FL

Professional referrals to Lucida Treatment Center allow us to provide higher levels of care for addiction and mental health disorders. Upon client referral, our team performs a comprehensive assessment to identify which mental health or addiction treatment programs will be most effective.

Lucida Treatment Center offers various levels of care and program types, including:

  • Residential addiction treatment program
  • Men’s rehab program
  • Women’s rehab program
  • Non 12-step recovery programs

During your client’s stay, we’ll provide updates on their progress in our program. You can even schedule appointments to meet with your client personally.

You may also have additional questions about Lucida Treatment Center, including:

  • Our mental health and addiction therapy programs
  • Conditions that we treat
  • Our modalities, policies, and daily scheduling
  • What your client can expect at our Lantana, FL rehab center
  • Our numerous licenses and accreditations

Why Should You Refer Clients to Lucida?

When it comes to deciding where to refer your client for a higher level of mental health or addiction treatment, we know you have plenty of choices in the Florida area. Here are some reasons why Lucida Treatment Center stands out.

Since we know that individuals all require different needs during rehab, we offer a unique blend of evidence-based and holistic treatment. Additionally, we provide a soothing and private atmosphere so that clients who come to Lucida will feel right at home. From start to finish, your client will receive the highest level of medical care from our compassionate professionals.

Mental Health and Addiction Treatment for a Client at Lucida Treatment Center

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