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Clients in our men’s addiction treatment center receive comprehensive, evidence-based care for substance abuse, as well as evaluation and treatment for any co-occurring disorders, such as depression, bipolar disorder and trauma — all under the supervision and direction of an experienced and supportive clinical team.

The Lucida treatment team follows best practices by addressing both substance abuse and mental health issues at the same time. Clients at our men’s rehab center have access to a range of therapies including individual and group therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy and trauma resolution therapies such as EMDR, as well as relapse prevention education and continuing care planning. Our rehab for men includes 12-step support groups or alternative support groups such as SMART Recovery.

Unique Pressures Facing Men

Men experience addiction and recovery differently than women. For example, they’re about twice as likely as women to battle drug addiction, most often to amplify positive moods and cope with social and behavioral problems. Although men likely struggle with co-occurring depression, anxiety and trauma at similar rates as women, they’re more often diagnosed with anger problems and antisocial personality disorder.

Because of these and other differences, Lucida Treatment Center offers gender-specific rehab for men where their unique issues can be addressed among other men with similar struggles. At the same time, we offer certain co-ed groups and activities so that clients learn skills for recovery in daily life after treatment.

Some examples of unique issues that men with addiction might grapple with include:

Social pressure. Because of social expectations, men are sometimes more prone to risk-taking, impulsivity, leadership and competition, which could make them more vulnerable to addiction and/or less likely to seek help for an underlying mental health disorder.

Not perceiving the need for help and not asking for help. Men may receive messages that they’re expected to be strong and stoic. This can discourage them from recognizing their feelings and speaking out about mental health issues like anxiety, depression and trauma.

Challenges with getting and staying sober. It can be difficult to give up drinking or drug use if you’re surrounded by other men who drink or use, meeting up in bars or other venues where alcohol or other drugs figure prominently. Relapse can be particularly challenging for men who work in high-stress environments where heavy drinking or drug use is the norm.

Your Path to Recovery Begins at Lucida

Begin your recovery in an accepting environment surrounded by other men who understand what you’re going through. The men’s drug rehab program at Lucida can help you develop new coping skills to replace destructive behaviors like drug or alcohol abuse, improve your relationships, learn new ways of solving problems, and improve your overall quality of life.

This entry was posted on August 1, 2017 and modified on April 28, 2019