Our treatment team is made up of experienced master’s and doctoral level therapists, case managers, 24/7 nursing staff and behavioral health technicians, all of whom have the necessary skills, diversity and qualifications to guide you and your family through the healing process.

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  • Levi Kahane, MD
    Levi Kahane, MD
    Medical Director
  • James Snow, LMHC, CAP
    James Snow, LMHC, CAP
    Clinical Director
  • Marlene Walker
    Marlene Walker
    Operations Manager
  • Bonnie Kraft
    Bonnie Kraft
    Nurse Manager
  • Diann McLeod, LPN
    Diann McLeod, LPN
    Charge Nurse
  • Margaret Joseph, LPN
    Margaret Joseph, LPN
  • Wendy Edwards, LPN
    Wendy Edwards, LPN
  • Eugenia Welch, LPN
    Eugenia Welch, LPN
  • June Smith, LPN
    June Smith, LPN
  • Stephanie Starr, LCSW
    Stephanie Starr, LCSW
    Primary Therapist
  • Phyllis Brown, MSW
    Phyllis Brown, MSW
    Primary Therapist
  • Laura Ward, LMHC, CAP
    Laura Ward, LMHC, CAP
    Primary Therapist
  • Megan Czodli, MS, RMHC
    Megan Czodli, MS, RMHC
    Primary Therapist
  • Wendy Doran, MD
    Wendy Doran, MD
  • Pablo Gonzalez, MS, RMHCI
    Pablo Gonzalez, MS, RMHCI
    Primary Therapist
  • Beth Miskiewicz, CAC, CRRA
    Beth Miskiewicz, CAC, CRRA
    Case Manager
  • Jorge Vazquez
    Jorge Vazquez
    Case Manager
  • Haydee “Gigi” Cabrera, LMHC,CAP,CST
    Haydee “Gigi” Cabrera, LMHC,CAP,CST
  • Monica Lombardo, RMHCI
    Monica Lombardo, RMHCI
    Adjunct Therapist
  • Tim Roberto, CAC
    Tim Roberto, CAC
    Addiction Counselor
  • Catherine Rich
    Catherine Rich
    Art Therapist
  • Alexander Kay, MSW, LCSW
    Alexander Kay, MSW, LCSW
    Utilization Review Manager