The abuse of prescription medications is a far bigger issue than most people realize. It’s no small thing that prescription medications are easier for people to get even for recreational use. When someone starts abusing a prescription medication they need, they quickly find themselves in a quandary. How can they continue to rely on that medication if it’s causing them great harm? These are common issues we encounter when treating Adderall abuse at our Adderall addiction treatment center. Setting these issues aside for a moment, at the Lucida Treatment Center in Lantana, FL our focus has to be on treating the client’s addiction.

About Adderall Abuse

Adderall is a prescription medication doctors prescribe most notably for attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Sometimes, the doctor will also prescribe this medication to treat depression and some sleep disorders. While experts are quick to point out how effective this substance is, it’s a stimulant that’s highly addictive. In fact, it’s just as addictive as cocaine if someone is abusing at high doses.

One place where people are abusing this medication off prescription or as a recreational substance is on college campuses. College students are always looking for a stimulant that’s going to help them stay up and cram for tests. They even use this substance to help keep them from passing out from too much alcohol consumption. Using Adderall in such irresponsible ways is what leads to so many addictions among college-age Americans.

The Signs of Adderall Addiction

Before someone checks into an Adderall addiction treatment center, they’ll usually exhibit some of the signs of Adderall addiction. These signs are not easy to pick up because they are common to other substance abuse issues. However, the following list includes signs someone can use to decide if they need help. They can get the help they need from our a doctor explaining the process of a Adderall Addiction Treatment CenterAdderall addiction treatment center of the Lucida Treatment Center in Lantana Florida. The list includes:

  • Escalating doses to get the right effect
  • Taking the medication more frequently than a doctor prescribes
  • Doctor shopping to secure multiple prescriptions
  • Increasing difficulty with motor function
  • Difficulty in relationships

Take a good look at this partial list. If you see yourself somewhere in it, you might need a visit to an Adderall addiction treatment center.

Treating Adderall Addiction in an Adderall Addiction Treatment Center

Pretty much all substance abuse treatment programs in Lantana Florida encounter clients with an Adderall addiction. It’s become that commonplace. Once a clinician has been able to diagnose Adderall as the addiction culprit, the Adderall addiction treatment center goes into treatment mode.

The first step in the process is to determine the severity of the client’s addiction. If it’s significant, the safe choice would be for a doctor to prescribe time in a medically monitored detox program. It’s important that the facility keeps the client safe until the client clears their withdrawal symptoms.

The next step is therapy. Therapy sits at the heart of the entire addiction treatment process. The client has issues that they need to address with the help of a professional therapist. Hopefully, the client will walk away from therapy with a full arsenal of tools to prevent relapses.

The last step of the treatment process is to make sure the client leaves rehab with access to aftercare options. Recovery is only good if the client is able to maintain it.

Lucida Treatment Center – A Top Adderall Addiction Treatment Center in  Lantana Florida

We take great pride in the way we bring sanity back to our clients. Using the services at our disposal, we treat their addiction and give the client a chance to return to a normal way of living. To that end, we offer:

Adderall has the potential for great harm. If you believe you might have an Adderall addiction, you might need help from an Adderall addiction treatment center. We would be glad to accept you with open arms in our Lucida Treatment Center facility. The process can start with one simple phone call to 1.866.947.7299.