With the legalization of marijuana catching all of the media attention, many people overlook a legal drug that has destroyed many lives – alcohol. Alcohol affects men and women differently, as men are more likely to drink excessively than women. Research shows that men are also more likely to take additional risks, like reckless driving without a seat belt, while drinking. This means the effects that alcohol abuse and addiction expand well beyond hangovers and liver damage. However, at Lucida Treatment Center, our quality men’s alcohol rehab center and women’s rehab center can help assess the particular needs of the situation, and lead each individual to lasting recovery.

men meditate at mens alcohol rehab centerThe Process of Alcoholism

Nobody begins drinking with the intention of developing an addiction. Alcoholism usually sneaks up on people in stages.

  • Pre-Alcoholic. In this phase, there are almost no signs of problem drinking. Here, the person only occasionally imbibes, and it’s usually only social (not drinking alone).
  • Early Alcoholic. At this point, tolerance towards alcohol is growing, leading to larger consumption and more harsh penalties for the overdrinking. Each individual may become aware of the negatives of their drinking, which are weighed against the inability to resist it. The afflicted is usually lying about the frequency of drinking to others.
  • Middle Alcoholic. Signs of alcoholism begin to show in the social and professional circles. Family events or days of work may be missed due to hangovers, or due to celebrating too early in the day to function afterward. Periods of sobriety grow shorter and lead to stress and inability. The body also reflects the alcohol consumption, with side effects like red facial skin, abdominal bloating, and/or weight gain/loss.
  • Late Alcoholic. The effects of long-term drinking are apparent, and serious health problems are developing. Drinking begins at the earliest opportunity, and everything else in life takes a back seat. Periods of sobriety are met with tremors, nausea, or even hallucinations.

An Alcohol Rehab Center for Men

Our Lantana alcohol treatment center can address the reasons that people often turn to alcohol. Then, our individual therapy program focuses on the triggers specific to the pressures that men face. Lucida Treatment Center’s Lantana alcohol rehab for men offers a variety of services including:

EMDR Therapy

Treatment at our men’s rehab center means identifying underlying disorders and stressors that influence addiction. In fact, many of the underlying factors that motivate alcohol abuse are symptoms of other psychiatric disorders, including PTSD. In fact, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, also known as EMDR Therapy, is a common treatment for PTSD that has proven to be quite effective with alcoholism. During EMDR therapy at our men’s alcohol rehab center, past events are re-experienced while the therapist directs your eye movements. Spread over about 12 sessions, a therapist will evaluate the trauma and related memories, discuss coping strategies, assess the pertinent traumas, and then implement the EMDR techniques.

A 2012 study showed that 77 percent of individuals who used EMDR therapy to treat psychotic disorders and PTSD showed significant improvement with hallucinations, depression, and anxiety, with only 22.7 percent still meeting the criteria for PTSD post-treatment. Because many of the symptoms of PTSD or another disorder drive men to abuse alcohol, alleviating these symptoms can eliminate the motivating factors.

Turn to Lucida’s Men’s Alcohol Rehab Center

Well-meaning friends aren’t always enough to help a man win a battle with drinking. Our Lantana addiction treatment center for men can be the advantage you or a loved one need to get the best start towards a successful recovery.

To learn how we can help you at Lucida Treatment Center, contact us at 1.866.947.7299 to speak with an addiction treatment professional who can provide you with support, guidance, and information today!