At Lucida Treatment Center, we believe that fitness is a central part of recovery. Optimum healing from substance abuse and mental health disorders occurs when there is balance between body, mind and spirit.

How do you achieve such a balance? Counseling, coping techniques and support groups are essential parts of the healing process, but they are not the only ones. At Lucida Treatment Center, we help our clients become stronger mentally and physically through participation in a daily fitness program.

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Fitness is Part of Recovery

How Exercise Promotes Addiction Recovery

Exercise has been shown in numerous studies to help heal the body and the brain and to reduce symptoms of depression. It can also help address some of the common complaints of early recovery by improving sleep quality, boosting energy and promoting mental clarity.

The goal of fitness is to help you achieve that precious and life-affirming balance of mind, body and spirit so that your healing journey begins on sound footing and with a clear focus on the path ahead.

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This entry was posted on March 13, 2014 and modified on May 2, 2019