Anxiety Disorders

Feeling anxious is not an uncommon occurrence, but when anxiety becomes pervasive and affects your ability to function daily, it may be a more serious condition known as an anxiety disorder. An estimated 40 million Americans suffer from anxiety. Usually beginning by adolescence or early adulthood, anxiety disorders are diagnosed about twice as many times in women as men. Learn More what-we-treat To learn more about treatment at Lucida, Call 844-874-8503.

Depression, Bipolar and Other Mood Disorders

Millions of Americans suffer from depression, bipolar disorder and other mood disorders. Depression that keeps coming back or gets worse may indicate the presence of bipolar disorder. Commonly misdiagnosed, these mood disorders are characterized by recurring episodes of depression, as well as anxiety, intrusive thoughts, mood swings, irritability and problems with sleep. Learn More

Borderline Personality Disorder

Our clinicians have specialized training and experience in the treatment of borderline personality disorder, a condition that often underlies anxiety or depression and other mental or emotional issues. Borderline personality disorder is characterized by impulsivity, intense anger, extreme sensitivity to rejection and troubled interpersonal relationships. Learn more

Co-Occurring Disorders

Lucida specializes in treating co-occurring substance abuse and mental health disorders. Co-occurring affects nearly 8.9 million people in the United States each year. According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), 45 percent of people with an addiction have a co-occurring mental health disorder. Learn More

Emotional Trauma/PTSD

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a type of anxiety disorder. It can develop after a person experiences emotional trauma that involved the threat of injury or death. When you think your life or someone else’s is in danger, you may feel afraid or that you have no control over what’s happening around you. Learn More

Substance Abuse

Millions of Americans have problems with alcohol or other drugs. While addiction cannot be cured, it can be treated successfully. Without treatment, however, addiction progresses, sometimes leading to severe negative consequences in many, if not all, aspects of life. Learn More This is an important decision. Call 844-874-8503 today to find out if Lucida is the right choice for you or your loved one.