Are you struggling to cope with borderline personality disorder (BPD), or watching a loved one deal with problems related to BPD? Lucida offers a comprehensive BPD treatment program that can help. We provide a space where you can learn how to manage your symptoms and your mental health. We also offer co-occurring disorder treatment programs. These are for people who are also dealing with addiction, substance abuse or another mental health issue.

Why Is Treatment for BPD So Important?

Borderline personality disorder can profoundly reduce quality of life. People with BPD struggle with:

  • Impulsive thoughts and behaviors
  • Mood swings
  • Persistent feelings of emptiness and abandonment

It’s also common for individuals with BPD to develop depression or anxiety, and they risk behavioral issues, such as eating disorders and substance abuse.

Without treatment, BPD often leads to self-destructive or suicidal behavior. Your struggle with self-doubt and mood swings can take a toll on both your physical and mental health. Often, career, relationships and personal life are affected too.

There is no cure for BPD, but if you’re struggling to cope, Lucida’s BPD treatment program can help you learn new ways to live and thrive.

  • Learn new coping skills to replace destructive ones, such as substance abuse or disordered eating.
  • Improve how you communicate with others.
  • Build a support network with people who share similar problems.
  • Learn to talk about what’s important to you without fear, guilt or shame.
  • Learn decision-making and problem-solving skills.
  • Boost your quality of life, satisfaction and enjoyment.

Treatment for Borderline Personality Disorder at Lucida

Before You Get Here

Before you start treatment at Lucida, you can call us at 844-874-8503 for a free, confidential assessment and to learn more about the program and our treatment facility. You can tour our facilities in beautiful Lantana, FL and meet our admissions team.

If you have a co-occurring substance abuse or addiction problem, you may need to detox before BPD treatment at Lucida. Depending on your situation, this might mean completing a medically assisted detox program. If you need to detox, we can recommend a trusted local facility.

The Lucida BPD Treatment Program

At Lucida, we take a multidisciplinary approach to BPD treatment. This means you may work with a psychiatrist as well as other professionals. All our team members are licensed and trained to diagnose and treat BPD.

When you arrive at our residential treatment center, you will undergo a comprehensive assessment. From there, you and your treatment team will work together to develop a plan for treatment that’s right for you. This will include a blend of traditional and complementary therapies that help treat BPD.

BPD treatment at Lucida includes various types of therapy with a clinician who specializes in the mental health condition. You may also have group therapy sessions that include cognitive and experiential strategies. Medication can be part of your treatment plan, if needed.

A typical BPD treatment plan often includes dialectical behavior therapy skills and cognitive behavioral approaches. These address self-defeating thoughts and behaviors, and they’ll teach you emotional coping skills.

Our skills groups help clients develop skills in several key areas. These include:

  • Mindfulness
  • Relationships
  • Distress tolerance
  • Emotional regulation

Many people with borderline personality have attachment issues. These stem from childhood abandonment or other traumatic incidents. We offer psychodynamic therapy and other approaches to help clients address those issues. Interpersonal therapy can help you relate better to the people in your life.

Emotional trauma is often a component of BPD. To help you resolve any trauma you have, we offer eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR), Somatic Experiencing® and other therapies.

For clients with co-occurring disorders, we can add other kinds of therapy as needed. These include both 12-step and alternative addiction support groups.

Support for Families

All of Lucida’s programs include family support. Treatment also includes a three-day intensive family program each month. Programs like these promote healing for family members, and help loved ones learn how to support one another.

We also have a weekly family therapy option, either in person or over the phone. With your permission, your loved ones can talk to your primary therapist for progress updates.

What Happens After Treatment?

BPD isn’t curable, but the Lucida treatment program can teach you skills and tools to help you stay mentally healthy. After completing treatment, you should find you are better able to cope with life’s natural ups and downs.

After completing your Lucida treatment program, we’ll continue to offer support. We’ll provide follow-up appointments and referrals to helpful resources to help you stay on track. We can also help you find support groups in your area to make sure you get peer support too.

About Lucida



Lucida is by the Intracoastal Waterway in Palm Beach County, Florida. We offer comfortable, modern townhome accommodations, with an onsite swimming pool and fitness center. Clients stay in private or semi-private rooms or suites, right next to the Lucida treatment center.

Getting to Lucida

If you need help making travel plans, just ask! We can help coordinate travel for clients and their families and travel companions. We can also provide support for intervention services.


Lucida is in-network with several insurance carriers. If you’re out-of-network, you may still be covered, so call us to confirm. We also offer options for private payment.

As a Lucida client we can handle the details relating to your insurance coverage. We’ll work with your insurance provider to ensure you get the most coverage possible.

Get Help for Borderline Personality Disorder Today

If you’re living with BPD, it may feel like it’s all too easy for your life to spin out of control. But it is possible to treat BPD. The treatment program at Lucida can help you take charge of your mental health and your life.

Call Lucida today at 844-874-8503 for BPD treatment in a healing and supportive environment.

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