Marijuana abuse can take over your life. Get evidence-based substance abuse and mental health treatment at Lucida inpatient rehab. Our addiction experts are trained in traditional and alternative treatments for marijuana. Speak confidentially with us at 844-878-1996.

What to Expect in Inpatient Rehab for Marijuana Addiction

Lucida’s personalized treatment programs consider your unique needs and preferences. You’ll live in home-like residences steps away from our treatment facility. There, you’ll attend programming during the day. Lucida is located in beautiful Palm Beach County, Florida near the Intracoastal Waterway.

Substance abuse treatment at our recovery center may include:

Comprehensive Assessments

Treatment for marijuana addiction includes assessments that guide your treatment plan such as:

  • Assessment of your physical and psychological dependence on marijuana
  • Assessment of your overall health
  • Psychological assessments to diagnose any underlying mental health disorders

If you need medical detox, we can refer you to a trusted provider. We’ll make sure the transition back into our residential marijuana rehab is seamless.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Some people use drugs and alcohol to cope with mental health disorders such as depression or anxiety. However, the effects of marijuana can actually make you more depressed or anxious over time. Additionally, long-term effects of marijuana may include symptoms that mimic mental health disorders.

Lucida Treatment Center addresses substance abuse and mental health disorders at the same time. Our psychiatric team will determine if medication is appropriate for psychiatric conditions. You’ll learn to manage mental health disorder symptoms so you’re less likely to self-medicate with drugs and alcohol.

Exploring Issues that Led to Addiction

One of the most important goals of our substance abuse treatment programs is getting to the heart of the problem that’s defining your life. You’ll work one-on-one and in group settings with Lucida’s behavioral health professionals. Your treatment team may include psychiatrists, therapists, physicians, and addiction specialists. We help you understand what triggers substance abuse and teach you new ways to cope without marijuana.

You’ll attend both individual and group sessions. These experiences help you delve into underlying issues contributing to marijuana abuse. You’ll develop trusting relationships with your counselors and fellow clients. This way you can feel safe exploring circumstances causing you emotional pain. Sometimes these include:

  • Childhood abuse, neglect or lack of parental bonding
  • Traumatic events at an early age
  • Family problems and dysfunction
  • Relationship issues
  • Early exposure to marijuana
  • Peer pressure to use drugs and alcohol
  • Low self-esteem
  • Exposure to an addicted family member
  • Lack of coping skills

Types of Marijuana Treatment

We offer many behavioral treatments to help improve your emotional well-being. Some of Lucida Treatment Center’s core therapeutic approaches may include:

  • Individual therapy – You’ll work one-on-one with experienced counselors. Our therapists draw on proven approaches like cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). Cognitive behavioral therapy helps you replace unhealthy thoughts and behaviors with productive ones.
  • Group therapy – Group therapy teaches you healthy communication and relationship skills. You’ll learn through the stories of others who’ve been where you’ve been. You’ll also heal by sharing with others.
  • Family therapy Drug and alcohol abuse impacts the entire family. Family therapy helps loved ones learn how to best support each other. Lucida also offers a family program to educate loved ones on addiction and connect them with helpful resources.
  • Alternative approaches – In addition to traditional therapies we offer alternative treatment approaches. These may include activities like:
    • Trauma therapies – Trauma therapies like EMDR combine eye movements and talk therapy to help you get “unstuck” in trauma. EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing) works on internal trauma associations and the biological mechanisms of trauma.
    • Yoga Yoga combines gentle movements, stretching and mindfulness to help you “land” in your body again.
    • Psychodrama – A therapist trained in psychodrama guides you and peers through exercises like role playing. Psychodrama can help you address past emotional pain and practice healthy ways of relating to others.
    • Fitness – Lucida has an onsite gym and regular fitness opportunities. Exercise helps you feel better both physically and mentally.
    • Mindfulness – Many people find mindfulness activities to be valuable recovery skills. You’ll learn different ways to incorporate meditation and other mindfulness techniques into your life.

Continuing Care and Relapse Prevention

From day one you’ll focus on relapse prevention. You’ll learn new skills to help you cope with triggers to use drugs. You’ll address underlying issues that contribute to marijuana use disorders. We also connect you with resources to help you continue your recovery journey after you leave Lucida. Aftercare planning may include connecting you with:

Lucida can accommodate varying lengths of stay. We’ll recommend a length of stay based on your individual needs.

Why Choose Lucida Treatment Center

Here are a few of the reasons we think you’ll find Lucida to be the best choice for your recovery journey:

Evidence-based treatment – At Lucida, you’ll receive sophisticated, compassionate addiction treatment. We use approaches proven to help people recover from substance abuse and mental health issues.

Non 12-step options – We realize everyone doesn’t relate to the 12 Steps. We offer both 12-step support groups and alternatives to the 12 Steps so you can find what works for you.

Restorative setting – You’ll enjoy soothing views of the Intracoastal Waterway. Our treatment facility is home-like and beautiful, so you can recover in comfort.

Whole-person healing – We help you repair the many ways addiction has damaged your physical and mental health. You’ll practice a healthy lifestyle that supports physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Break Free From Marijuana Addiction

Reclaim your life. We can help. Our treatment for marijuana abuse is effective, compassionate and life-changing. We work with many insurance providers so addiction treatment is also affordable. Call Lucida Treatment Center today for a free benefits check and to learn more about our treatment program: 844-878-1996.

This entry was posted on January 18, 2019 and modified on April 28, 2019