At Lucida, we offer a dialectical behavior therapy program (DBT). This means clients learn multiple dialectical behavior therapy skills and how to apply them in their daily lives.

The History of Dialectical Behavior Therapy

This man is undergoing a dialectical behavior therapy program.Originally developed by Marsha M. Linehan, PhD, DBT teaches patients how to cope with stress, control their emotions, and improve relationships with others. DBT has also successfully aided in the treatment of adult and adolescent patients. Additionally, DBT helps with a range of mental conditions and behavioral problems. As such, many addiction treatment center programs in Lantana, Florida incorporate a DBT program of some kind.

DBT was initially created as an outpatient treatment program to treat borderline personality disorder (BPD). However, in recent years, therapists have used DBT to treat people with other kinds of mental health disorders. One study showed improvement in multiple mental health-related issues, including depression, anxiety, interpersonal relationships, self-harm, and socialization.

Lucida’s Dialectical Behavior Therapy Program

One factor is the connection between client and therapist during treatment at Lucida. That is because a dialectical behavior therapy program involves learning new skills for coping with emotional distress. It also involves identifying and labeling triggers and behaviors associated with the disorder. A connection and the trust that connection produces facilitate the learning and healing process.

Our dialectical behavior therapy program in Lantana, Florida involves weekly psychotherapy sessions. Each session places special emphasis on problem-solving behavior and addresses issues that arose in the past week. The first priority is self-harm issues, followed by any behaviors that may slow the therapy process. During DBT skills training, the focus may also deal with easing post-traumatic stress reactions or past trauma. This helps clients respect themselves and improves their self-image, leading to happiness and peace of mind. For this reason, DBT also features heavily in our mental health treatment center in Lantana, Florida.

Weekly DBT Program Sessions

Weekly group dialectical behavior therapy program sessions, led by a Lucida therapist, are a safe environment for clients. In this environment, they learn four different skills: emotion regulation, mindfulness skills, distress tolerance/reality acceptance, and interpersonal expression.

At Lucida, the benefits of our dialectical behavior therapy program in Lantana, Florida for clients with anxiety include:

  • Helping clients manage anxiety, worry, fear, and stress
  • Teaching clients how to connect with the present and notice passing thoughts and feelings without feel ruled by them

Clients with bipolar disorder may find that our DBT enriched programs help them manage their emotions, distress triggers, and personal relationships.

Through DBT skills, clients with borderline personality disorder can learn how to better manage their emotions, control their impulses, and improve their personal relationships.

Those struggling with substance abuse learn how to manage risky, tempting situations as well as their emotions, allowing them to maintain a life free of drugs or alcohol.

Therapy Through Lucida Treatment Center

At Lucida Treatment Center, we focus on giving you the care that you need to overcome your addiction or mental health issues. As such, we offer a variety of programs, including:

For more information on our DBT program or any of our other programs, please call our Lantana, Florida office today at 1.866.947.7299.